Best Coyote Calls To Buy In 2022 – List of Electronic Coyote Calls

Here we are going to talk about the best coyote calls in 2022 and as you know coyotes are probably one of the quirkiest animals of all, a cult favorite in America. These estranged animals hide most of the time in their natural habitats, which are the deep tropical rainforests. Watching coyotes or indulging in coyote hunting is one of America’s favorite recreation activities. If you know a thing or two about them, you would know how difficult it is to spot one. 

There are a lot of reasons you might be here. You might be a hunting enthusiast or a daily earner looking for easy hunting options. Or you also might be looking for ways to ward off these canines from your land. And let’s face it, not everybody has the expertise to mimic coyote calls effortlessly verbally. 

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There’s a lot to consider here, their behavioral patterns, psychological changes, the habitat, the season, and a dozen other things! You need to be good at everything to capture the best of them.

These howling beauties are a treat to watch. Finding the best coyote call to actually attract them is a daunting task. Embracing their faint noises and joyful hopping patterns leaves all coyote fans delighted. Their behaviors change according to seasons, and one typical call may not work on another one. Hence, the traditional natural larynx coyote calling sounds have turned into innovative machine-generated calling tones that effortlessly do your job!

All About Coyote Calls

Since the 18th century, although predator hunting has been regulated and reduced to a great extent, coyotes remain still a major favorite. These reddish-brown wolf family canines are lovely to interact with too! However, these North American natives are not easy to summon. Living in the deep trenches of the American forest cover, people have relied on coyote calls to meet these beauties for ages. 

Mimicking natural-toned calls used predominantly in the wolf-related families, hunters and sightseers have naturally adopted their calls. This cute canine usually responds reasonably to these calls, which makes the interaction much smoother. But here’s a catch. Not all of them respond well. Another hurdle is actually sticking to the original notes of the call, which reasonably is challenging for tourists or even the natives. 

With due course of time, coyotes have been artificially trained to skip calls originated by humans. These calls are usually meant to be mating calls, which those cunning coyotes can easily distinguish. This is when electronic predator callers for coyotes step in with their unmatched results. 

Not only do they resemble authentic tones by almost 99%, but they also have various modulation modes to get things done better. Hunting coyotes is never an easy job, and this is when a good quality coyote calls acts as a good investment. 

How To Choose The Best Coyote Call

It is essential to consider a lot when it comes to coyotes.

If you are looking for the best coyote callers available, finding them amongst a plethora of callers known is a very confusing job. Coyote callers can range from a few hundred dollars to even thousands; hence, finding the best budget coyote caller is challenging to accomplish. While you choose your next purchase, it is important to know what makes a coyote caller a good one!


Probably the most vital thing to keep in mind while you shell out your bucks on your new predator caller. Most of the models available fall in the reasonable range, yet some brands do claim a lot at a whopping price which is not valid in most cases. With the features provided, the price should be justified. Look for models that cater to your needs specifically and are low on unnecessary features, especially if you are running under a budget. But not to worry in this post you will find some best budget coyote calls.


Another critical factor while looking for the best coyote calls is the model’s weight. You would need to carry the coyote callers while you reach out to different parts, and having a massive load is never a good idea. Invest in a sturdy yet lightweight units that have a decent weight for a firm hold, and yet traveling with it is not a spine breaker too. 


Pretty much the highlight of electronic coyote callers is their tech. The functionality in most of the recent launches has improved a lot, offering better ease of comfort and an overall smooth interface. You also get customizable settings in some high-tech models that cut down all the extra hassle from your hand pretty quickly. The top coyote callers have a lot; the modulation, the tone equalizers, and the volume control; features that stand out for their convenience are a better buy in the long run.


Yes, durability is what you should be seeking in your next coyote caller. Stay away from units that can shatter easily. You’ll be traveling a lot into the rugged terrains of the forest, and carrying a delicate piece is always a big no. Kindly ensure the build is metallic or some high-grade polymer that can withstand weather changes, temperature, pressure, and rough use.

Wider sound distribution:

The reason why you are even buying coyote callers is for a better sound. The best predator calls for coyotes can be achieved with a better sound distribution system that reaches well unlike the human tone that cannot be amplified much. There’s nothing good in predator callers if the sound quality delivered by it isn’t excellent. Look for coyote call reviews that have a promising sound delivery. Accuracy and versatility are what we are looking for here.

Best Coyote Calls You Need To Get Your Hands-On

Looking for some new coyote calls? Skimming through hundreds of coyote caller reviews, we have laid our eyes on the top brands that exclusively deal in high-end predator callers. Mind you, these are not just ordinary callers. They have been explicitly designed as coyote callers. Some of the best electronic coyote calls have been recently launched, incorporated with the best advanced personalized features for a successful coyote calling experience. 

Our compilation includes all, be it the classic callers, the new ones, the budget coyote callers, or the most economical ones. These are all top-rated and highly reviewed models with promising tech with their best game calls that will surely make you (and the coyotes) love them. Have a look at our take on the best coyote calls:

FOXPRO Inferno American Made Electronic Predator Call

Top highlight: LED remote control and support for additional reprogramming. 

FOXPRO Inferno Coyote Call

foxpro inferno coyote call, best coyote calls


  • LED Remote Control
  • Good Speaker Sound
  • Light Weight

Product Description:

Foxpro needs no introduction when it comes to top-rated coyote calls. It manufactures high-grade units that have pristine output quality and a long-lasting performance too. The Inferno by Foxpro is a cult classic for all the right reasons. It comes with preset 75 sounds, which honestly are more than enough, but wait till you hear about its expandable capacity of up to 200!

The remote control here is hands down, super fun. It boasts an LED display with easy control and modulations. In terms of price, it’s a reasonable price and falls in the mid-range market, which is much more durable than other cheap brands. The sound range is quite versatile, so this unit doubles up as a hunting call for other animals too.

It is easy to handle and is pretty lightweight (less than 1 kg!). Foxpro Inferno coyote call comes with a white or black solid exterior which gives it a dainty look. It is pretty compact too. The speakers here are paired with high-grade woofers, too, for a highly amplified result. The presets are great for modulation sound variations or toggling between the decoy mode (if attached).

It can be attached to external devices and reprogrammed accordingly. Many more sounds can be added, and external speakers can also be connected. The FOXPRO Inferno has durable battery support and a unit build. The sounds are so versatile that they can be easily modified and controlled for a wide range of hunting noises!


  • One of the loudest speakers.
  • Aux jack included for external attachments.


  • It slightly falls on the expensive side.

ICOtec Outlaw Programmable Game Call/ Decoy Combo for Coyotes

Top highlight: Free unlimited sound library.

ICOtec Outlaw Game Call

icotec outlaw game call


  • Unlimited Sound Library
  • Dynamic Range
  • Smooth control

Product Description:

This is one of the best predators calls for coyotes. In addition to producing the most popular predator calls, ICOtec is known for producing high-end, budget-friendly calls as well. This beauty by ICOtec is one such majestic piece. A massive library of soundtracks that caters to all different demands while hunting is available here. And not just that, this unit comes with an additional electronic decoy to make things way more manageable for you.

The sound production here is super amplified, moderately pitched, and sounds way realistic. The files can be modified accordingly for attracting prey effortlessly. This compact beauty is highly durable and is made from good-quality metallic interiors. The grip provided is quite sturdy and easy to handle. It weighs around 2kgs and has a khaki color finish for seamless color blending while hunting. 

The remote control provided by ICOtec Outlaw Game Call has a large display and easy-to-use buttons for smooth control. It has a dynamic range of around 300 yards, which, hands down, is a lot in this segment. The battery life is good, and you won’t spend your entire time recharging the unit and remote again and again. While travelling, the remote control can easily be packed on the central unit.  

The main unit supports .MP3 and .wav audio file formats. You can also add 20 sounds to your favourite section for easy access. Everything is under your control of the sound quality, volume, and pitch range. Not to forget the unmissable range of soundtracks that work every single time! This one is the best coyote call for the money.


  • 240+ sounds.
  • Can play two soundtracks simultaneously.


  • Slightly overpriced. 

ICOtec GEN2 GC320 Electronic Call/ Decoy Combo for Coyotes

Top highlight: Super low battery consumption rate.

ICOtec GEN2 GC320 Electronic Call

ICOtec GEN2 GC320 Electronic Call, new coyote calls, best cheap coyote call


  • The battery consumption rate is low
  • Can play two audio files at the same time
  • Adjustable decoy

Product description:

Another ICOtec model on our list is the GEN2 GC320 Electronic Decoy Call combo. Just like Outlaw, this also comes with an electronic decoy to lure your prey, which in this case are coyotes, super quickly. It includes professional calls of all kinds, be it rabbits, deers, or coyotes; from female squeals to dying animal groans, ICOtec has got you covered from everywhere. The remote included with the pack has a unique lighting system for nighttime hassle-free usage.

This model claims over 24 tried and field-tested soundtracks, which are proven to have better enticing results than any other regular game call. With a large speaker unit for robust playback, this unit also has tripod mount support for any additional external speaker attachment. The model also allows simultaneous playback of 2 audio files at the same time, with pause and play for individual tracks for better control.

The building is very sturdy. The total weight falls around 2 kg, and the body comes with firm grip support as well. The main unit has a sandy tint which is very useful while hunting in arid terrains. The model size is very moderate, and it is neither too small nor too large. It is perfect enough to accommodate a prominent speaker without making things extra bulky. 

The decoy included is also adjustable. It comes in handy for enhancing your hunting call to lure your prey better. When paired with a strong bait alongside, the entire unit can be easily modulated with a hands-free remote control operation that can easily go beyond 300 yards!


  • A remote range of 300 yards.
  • Backlit remote buttons.


  • Non-programmable features.

Lucky Duck Roughneck- The Verminator Electronic Call

Top highlight: LD3X LCD remote with backlit buttons.

Lucky Duck Roughneck Coyote Call

lucky duck rouchneck coyote call, top rated coyote calls


  • 150 pre-loaded soundtrack
  • Great battery backup
  • 3.2” LCD screen remote

Product description:

Made with utmost precision and quality, the Lucky Duck Roughneck, even after being so expensive, has carved out itself a place in the predator call segment. A major consumer favorite, this electronic game call is a great hunting device for basically all animals you can think of hunting. It comes with 150 preloaded alluring soundtracks that seem to attract coyotes like never before.

With a compact and super sturdy frame, the entire interior is covered with a thick protective silicone lining that not only prevents any damage but also improves your overall grip on the machine. The remote that comes with a unit has a 3.2” LCD screen and a great battery backup. With almost all controls on the remote, you can enjoy a relaxed hands-free operation with a few clicks. The remote control has an active range of 100 yards.

The total sound holding capacity here is over 2000, one of the largest in this segment. Weighs under 2 kgs and has an ergonomic design for better handling. The outlying body-color blends seamlessly with the dry surroundings, giving it a perfect edge over cheap models. It’s hard to find a sound quality like this anywhere else. With two tweeters and horns, you get a perfectly amplified sound every time. 

The night mode in the remote acts as a boon when working in darker times without compromising on functionality. An array of irresistible soundtracks made for all kinds of huntable animals include everything you will need for hunting. Lucky Duck Rouchneck is one of the good coyote calls.


  • Highest sound capacity.
  • Protective silicon outer gear.
  • Night mode in remote works like a charm.


  • Little Costly

FOXPRO Shockwave American Made Electronic Predator Game Call

Top highlight: Mimics moving prey motion via fading sound effects. 

FOXPRO Shockwave Predator Game Call

foxpro shockwave predator game call, best coyote caller 2022


  • Four speaker system
  • Mimics motion in a unique way
  • Temperature reader

Product Description:

One of the best coyote call models ever made by FOXPRO is hands down, the Shockwave Predator Game Call. With a unique design and massively influential speakers, you can never go wrong with this. The Shockwave is a notch above regular electronic game calls; with its robust four-speaker system and a sound capacity of over 1000 sounds, hands-free support, and whatnot, this model is worth every penny.

With its unique motion-mimicking technology, you would never miss out on animals as a hunter. The sound effects are so alluring and catchy, combined with the realistic moving sounds, the Shockwave is bound to elicit attraction to all coyotes nearby. It also boasts FOXBANG, FOXPRO, and FOXMOTION technology.

It comes with two tweeters and two reentrant horn speakers for blaring sound playback. Along with that, the sound output here reaches a far broader spectrum even when the wind speed is high. Here, the remote control has a large LCD screen and other innumerable features for a smooth multi-purpose calling expedition. 

It also only weighs 1.7 kgs! And last but not least, just in case you thought its unique features were over, you were wrong. The Shockwave also consists of barometer and temperature readers along with moon phase indicators. And wait, there are also multiple jacks and ports involved here, from auxiliary speakers, USB, external decoy attachment, to everything else.


  • Pitch manipulation for a triggering response.
  • Almost all audio formats are supported.


  • The price is a little high.

FOXPRO Deadbone American-Made Predator Electronic Game Call

Top highlight: Allows playing two sounds simultaneously without modulation. 

FOXPRO Deadbone Coyote Call

foxpro deadbone game call


  • Good for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Nice sound quality

Product Description:

Hailed as one of the best coyote calls, FOXPRO stands effectively with its third model on the list. This entry-level unit is great for beginners or people looking for an introductory predator call without compromising on the features at a great price. It’s the simplest of all coyote calls that can provide everything you need. 

Deadbone by FOXPRO comes with fifteen non-changeable sounds that are pretty versatile and can be combined for the desired effect. The sounds range from coyote prey bait sounds, distressing sounds, female squeals to dying animals, and coyote mating tones. When backed with its turbo horn speakers, the FOXPRO Deadbone delivers unmatched sound quality. 

This unit will never take up a lot of space in your backpack. Weighing less than 1 kg, you can carry it super efficiently, anywhere. The outer exterior is composed of fiber, with a solid color finish that may not blend effortlessly with the surroundings. This predator call unit also comes with a low battery indicator. 

The unit itself is pretty elementary to handle. You can easily change the batteries in both the central part and the remote control without requiring any tools. The remote features sound modulation buttons, along with a pause/ play and stop mechanism. The sound quality is excellent for the price, which is loud and has a very controlled pitch too. For better effects, you can install an external speaker too. 


  • Super affordable.
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed.


  • Limited preloaded sounds.

Lucky Duck Revolt Coyote Caller

Top highlight: Sound holding capacity of 2000+ sounds.

Lucky Duck Revolt Coyote Call

lucky duck revolt coyote caller, the best coyote call


  • 2000+ sounds holding capacity
  • Compact size
  • 100 pre-made sounds

Product description:

Another Lucky Duck entry on our list is the Revolt electronic call with a decoy add-on too. Priced lower than the Roughneck by Lucky Duck, this robust unit is packed with prominent features. First, talking about the build, Lucky Duck maintained its legacy with a sturdy exterior and a moderately heavy frame that has a powerful interior yet is easy to carry.

Amongst the new predator calls, this is one of the best models so far. A pre-made 100 sound effects are provided that can be altered accordingly for the best hunting experience. Lucky duck revolt coyote caller includes attractive prey and predator noises and other luring sounds that resemble coyote behavior remarkably. It comes with a battery charge remote too for a hands-free operation. This coyote call supports four channels.

It weighs over 2 kgs and is compact in size. The outer body comes with a grassland print finishing for easy camouflaging in the woods. This unit also includes a motorized decoy and super loud sound production that sounds pretty realistic. Coyotes are not the only prey this durable machine can catch, it can also hunt other animals.

The best thing about this model is the remote, which can handle almost anything. You can keep the unit deep in the woods, and the entire maneuvering can be controlled with this simple remote. The sounds can be modified, and more can be downloaded too. If you want a much-enhanced output, an external speaker will come in very handy.


  • A rotatory unit that allows full 360 degrees of movement.
  • Easy to use, multi-caller remote.


  • Probably its price is the only thing bad about it.

Primos Hunting 3755 Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Top highlight: Includes a rotating, no distortion speaker. 

Primos Hunting 3755 Turbo Dogg Coyote Call

primos hunting electronic predator call


  • Affordable price
  • Good looking exterior
  • Remote range of 150 yards

Product Description:

This Primos Turbo Dogg predator caller is one of the best coyote callers in the market. Designed specifically for the order Canidae, it includes over 36 sound modes for improved call tones. It comes in a beautiful grassy, green print exterior that allows the best camouflaging experience. Primos Turbo Dogg sound knowledge feels more realistic than ever before, all paired with the turbo performance!

It comes very handy when you need to keep your unit hidden in grasses quite near to the coyotes’ original habitat without marking your life in danger. Coming to the proper delivery here, well, what do we say, it is pretty impressive for its price. It comes with a 25 watts amplifier for much-improved sound quality, about one-fourth time better than the regular Dogg predator call. 

The predesigned hunting themes for an enhanced calling experience sealed the deal for us. Average customer reviews show that this feature makes it the best cheap coyote call for money. It also comes with a handy remote with a range of 150 yards range to make controlling much simpler. It claims turbocharging setup and helpful audio out port for enhanced amplification. 

The unit has a USB port alongside for adding more sounds. Along with the long hunt sequences, there are built-in 36 sounds too for attracting coyotes. It is pretty durable, has a broader sound distribution range, and has an excellent frequency range that effectively matches all coyote hearing capacities. 


  • Affordable for its features.
  • A massive 25 watts amplifier.


  • Little flimsy to handle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best coyote call?

Probably the best coyote calls can only be through a natural coyote. While impersonating coyote sounds, humans tend to use mating sounds, which coyotes get attracted to much easier than others. Manual predator calls work decently, but they cannot be compared with electronic coyote callers. FOXPRO and Icotec are some of the most loved manufacturers who create affordable yet highly effective predator calls used for coyote hunting. But in the end, the best coyote call can be generated by adjustments via any electronic caller.

What sounds attract coyotes best?

The sound of a howling prey, like a dying small carnivore or a goat, is also very attractive to coyotes. Calls by mouth which have a low pitch, high treble, and a significant volume are the best. Whistling mating calls work effectively and can be best generated via electronic predator callers. Although it’s tough to match the actual tones, even simple howling electronic deep noises are great to start. Coyotes are also attracted to young coyote sounds, which sound familiar to their chuckling newborns.

What time of day is best for calling coyotes?

Coyotes are semi nocturnal animals. You can find some of them during the night, but this pattern is not continuous with most of them. They are distributed evenly during all times of the day and can be spotted easily during sunsets and sunrises. However, hunters usually look for them during late evenings as that is time before they go back to their sleeping sheds. On a bigger picture, the best time to catch them is during the meeting of two times, be it evenings or dawns, coyotes can be easily called at such times, especially during the more significant part of the year. 

How long do you call for coyotes?

Generally, on average, you would need to call for at least 15 to 20 minutes while looking for coyotes. Most of them respond quickly within the range of 5 to 10 minutes. Few can take as high as 30 minutes to be spotted if weak. Coyotes can be easily called with a much louder tone to attract them faster. Remember. that the average response time for coyotes varies from place to place and season to season. It also depends on the time of the day and the natural behavior of the coyote population of that particular place. 

How do you attract coyotes?

Sound is the primary factor that attracts coyotes. The calls can carry from being aggressive to soothing ones to lure them easily. Smell is another excellent way to attract them easily due to their high sense of smell. Shed blood or the natural body odor of other contemporary canines draws them to your spot quickly. Coyotes aren’t big fans of humans, but they do have a strong affection for dog food. Dead meat or rotten waste is also another way to enhance your coyote call. Generally, coyote sounds are the most effective way. 

What is the fastest way to attract coyotes?

The fastest way to attract coyotes is by using more than one way of calling. If you are using electronic calls, make sure they are super loud and wide-reaching. Secondly, to improve your chances and fasten the process, you would need additional baits. Rotten food, dead meat, or a freshly killed coyote, anything will help. Some hunters also prefer using blowers to make sure the scent of the meat reaches the pack quickly. To improve your chances more, go for multiple kinds of dead flesh for desired results.

What time of year are coyotes most aggressive?

When the mating season begins, coyotes become extremely aggressive. This is the time when you can hunt for most of them, as almost the entire pack travels during this time. The months from January to February, and a little bit of march, basically the onset of spring, are the coyotes’ predominant mating season. The males are supremely aggressive during this period and prove to be harmful to even household pets. They are easy to spot during this period but are dangerous too.

What month are coyotes most active?

Coyotes are generally seen wandering before the onset of spring or just after the end of the fall season. They are not easily found during deep summers or winters, although you can sight a few during summers but not at all during winters. The rainy season is a big no too. January, February, and early March are highly favored for coyote hunting, but it can be done in the months of late September, entire October, and early November too. If you possess a loud, good-quality coyote caller, your chances of calling them increase a lot during spring and fall. 

How many coyotes are usually in a pack?

Like any member of the wolf family or its counterparts, Coyotes travel in a pack. This is the prime canine behavior—the reason why you would mostly tend to spot a pack instead of one or two coyotes. Usually, you will find a pack size of around seven to eight coyotes which can go as high as 10-12 or just 4-5 too. The majority of members in the pack are adults, females being more. The remaining are younger coyotes born in that particular pack only. Some traveling packs only have pups and bulky males only. 

Where do coyotes go in the daytime?

Being not entirely nocturnal, Coyotes can be sighted a lot during the day. They do not travel much at this time but can be seen hiding or just lying in various spots. Coyotes hunt for food, new shelter, and even a mate (if it is the mating season). They usually do not hide very precisely, and they can be spotted easily in vast fields or smooth plains. Most coyotes avoid urban areas, although you can see them relaxing in public places if they are grassy and sufficiently large. It is quite common to see the packs traveling during daylight hours.

How do you call coyotes in the daytime?

them in packs which is great if you want to hunt more. The process somewhat remains the same here. You need to have a good predator call sound and an additional bait, say, a large piece of meat. To successfully hunt a pack, allow them to approach and consume the bait first. While they indulge, you can start tracking to safeguard yourself from any unwanted danger. 

How do you find a coyote den?

Coyote dens are not very difficult to find as they usually do not reside in large caves or anything like that. They typically inhabit small areas with wooden logs and simple shade. There are fewer chances that a coyote den will be out from the forest, so you would need to enter the cover at any cost. To locate their habitat better, it is advisable to send predatory calls and other associated sounds to make them respond for accurate tracking. 

What is a coyote’s favorite food?

Like any other canine, coyotes love to feast on flesh. Although they are omnivores by nature, they have a higher liking of meat over grassy food. They usually feed on smaller animals like rabbits, mice, squirrels, birds, animal eggs, fruits, nuts, etc. They prefer tropical fruits, like mangoes, apples, cantaloupes, over other fruits and even dead meat too. Coyotes love to feed on succulent organs like skin, liver, lungs, and spleen if they are scavenging. 

How long should you wait between coyote calls?

Ideally, you won’t require making multiple calls while hunting for coyotes. In case it is a windy day, or the coyotes are pretty distant, you would need to make repeated calls. You should wait for at least 10-15 minutes before initiating the next round of sounds. Coyotes tend to come out after an interval of about 20 minutes which can vary from place to place, depending on the season as well. However, you should move after two to three calls as coyotes are prone to understanding artificial sounds if repeated, which is contrary to their natural behavior.

Closing words On Best Coyote Calls

And that was a wrap on coyote hunting and everything else about best coyote calls. There is no one best caller. It all narrows down to your requirements and budget. On the whole, most of them work great and vary from person to person on the viability of their features. The above-mentioned picks are economical and high-rated models that will serve you for many years without any issue. 

Remember that coyote hunting is all about adapting to their patterns. It’s not just about a good coyote caller that will ensure the best results. Catching the perfect weather, time, and of course, being aware of their feeding, mating, and strolling habits is as important as anything else. 

You can also watch this video to get some tips for coyote calling.

In our opinion, the best coyote caller overall was definitely the FOXPRO Shockwave. It is a complete value-for-money product with its extensive features and sound output. The programming is easy to execute for people of all ages. It is easier to carry and would fit almost everyone’s requirements pretty easily. 

The best coyote call for the money has to be Primos Hunting Turbo Dogg. It will indeed ensure you better earnings with the most minor efforts during hunting. Probably the sturdiest of all, it comes with many great features!

Happy coyote hunting!


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