Best FOXPRO Coyote Call To Buy In 2022

An electronic Predator Call or game call is a valuable device that you as a hunter should bring into use for attracting and captivating more wild creatures and having prey effortlessly. Doing so would give you an overwhelming hunting experience.

Professional hunters and amateurs alike use E-callers. The better the predator calls you to choose for your hunt, the more likely you will have a good and effective search. Different game calls have various versatile features that set them apart from others, but some common factors are the same in all.

Considering buying a predator call will lead you to a well-known e-callers production company, that is, FOXPRO. FOXPRO brings into the market the most durable and robust coyote calls of all times. But, a wide range of predator calls could definitely result in confusing you.

Therefore, to narrow down your search, we have brought in some of the best FOXPRO coyote calls. They are long-lasting, sturdy, and hold value for money as well. Further are mentioned a few prominent predator calls by FOXPRO.

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Best FOXPRO Coyote Call

Best FOXPRO Coyote Call

There are several FOXPRO electronic calls that are well-working and highly efficient in their functioning. Let us have a look at some of the best FOXPRO Coyote calls. 

FOXPRO Shockwave Coyote Call

FOXPRO Shockwave Coyote Call

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  • Powerful speakers
  • Good remote range
  • Programmable

FOXPRO Shockwave Predator Call is the best game call of FOXPRO. This e-caller is smooth and straightforward to operate. It has several versatile features. The sound quality provided by the Shockwave Predator Call is genuinely unique, and it offers a promising performance in the longer run.

The FOXPRO Shockwave Predator Call is equipped with four speakers. It is not the cheapest FOXPRO Call, but it is worth a hunter’s price. The predator call also allows you to mix and match multiple sounds giving tremendously unique effects. The Coyote Call is programmable and has a highly functional remote control that is operable within 300 yards. The game call is easy to manage and convenient to port. This is one of the best FOXPRO calls for coyotes.


  • Four powerful speakers.
  • Highly functional remote with a range of 300 yards.
  • Durable.
  • Programmable. 
  • The versatility of features.


  • Expensive.

FOXPRO Inferno Coyote Call

FOXPRO Inferno Coyote Call

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  • Easy to use
  • Big LCD screen
  • Low Cost

FOXPRO Inferno Coyote Call is a sleek and conveniently portable game call. It has multiple features and an easily manageable remote control system. You can safely place yourself somewhere and still control the game call completely.

Also, the FOXPRO Inferno Coyote Call gives an excellent sound quality experience. Although the game call has some pre-included sounds, the additional sounds are painlessly downloadable. It is durable and robust. It has a compact design, and the remote control has an easy-to-read LCD screen.


  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Robust Remote Control.
  • Painlessly Programmable. 
  • The remote control has an efficient LCD screen to view things clearly.


  • It is seen that the remote gets dysfunctional at times even at close range.

FOXPRO Hammer Jack Coyote Call

FOXPRO Hammer Jack Coyote Call

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  • Two different speakers
  • Good built quality
  • Equipped with a decoy

Up next in the list of best coyote calls by FOXPRO is the Hammer Jack. This predator call has the unique sound system of all. It has two ranges of speakers, one rear and the other front. The Hammer Jack of the e-caller even allows you to add two more speakers. As a result, the overall sound produced gets piercing and too loud to handle.

Evidently, it fascinates a lot of animals. The coyote call has a robust remote that makes the device even worth the use. It has a total of 300 sounds which can be used anytime by the hunter. The built quality of the coyote call is more than a hunter expects. Above all, the predator call is equipped with a decoy that provides value for money to the predator call. 


  • Ergonomic built quality. 
  • Worthy and holds the value for money.
  • It is equipped with two efficient speakers. 
  • The presence of a decoy makes the coyote call effectively usable.


  • It is not programmable.

FOXPRO Fusion Predator Call

FOXPRO Fusion Predator Call

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  • Special LCD screen
  • Provides real-time information
  • Two speakers

An excellent predator call, the FOXPRO Fusion blends itself entirely into the surroundings, and so it becomes impossible for the animal even to sense the device. It is a full-fledged package of features. Firstly, the predator call has two speakers and a well-functioning remote. The remote becomes durable with the presence of an illuminating LCD screen wherein you can view any information instantly.

The FOXDATA technology allows the hunter to know real-time information such as temperature or moon phase. As a hunter, you can also fade the sounds with this predator call. This e-caller holds the value for money, bringing into account the range of features that it offers to the hunter.


  • Provides real-time information. 
  • Special LCD screen and satisfactory remote control.
  • Equipped with multiple features. 


  • The decoy is not included with the predator call.

FOXPRO Deadbone Coyote Call

FOXPRO Deadbone Coyote Call

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Water-resistant
  • Perfect for beginners

Lastly, there is the FOXPRO Deadbone Coyote Call. This e-caller is most suited for those who are beginners at hunting. Just a price of $100, FOXPRO Deadbone is a cheap FOXPRO game call. It has all the essential features that a coyote calls a must-have. It has 15 main call types that help the hunter catch their prey effortlessly.

Adding to this, it is incredibly lightweight in comparison to other alternatives. Hence, it takes no effort for the hunter to carry the predator call. It is water-resistant, and thereby, it becomes robust and operates smoothly even in the longer run. Keeping the remote aside, the predator call is unbeatable, and it provides an impressive sound quality experience to the hunter.


  • Budget-friendly. 
  • Easy and efficient to carry.
  • Perfect for beginners. 
  • Water-resistant.


  • Not equipped with many features.

Best FOXPRO Sounds for Coyote Hunting

It is usually seen that the sound quality offered by FOXPRO to the hunters is not very fascinating or commendable. It is just as good as others. Yet, some highly effective predator call sounds captivate wild creatures instantly or in a minimal period.

Some of the best FOXPRO sounds for coyote hunting include- Cottontail, Young Coyote Howl, Mr. McCottontaip, Den Mayhem, Slock Master, Inquisitive Coyote, Troubled Coyote Pup, Den Heist, Coyote Pair Challenge, Coyote & Rabbit, Nutty Nut Pup, Bay Bee, Coyote Female Sore Howls, Male Coyote Threats, Great Group, Scream-N Rabbit, Feeding Hogs, Yelping Hen, Old Tom Gobbling, Fawn Distress, Feeding Frenzy, Frantic Coyote Pup, Coyote Death Cry, Sow Protection, etc.

FOXPRO Calls Download

The FOXPRO game call is already included with several fascinating and clear-pitched calls that greatly help the overall hunting process. Still, if you feel some calls are missing in the available ones, or you want to add customized sounds to your predator call, then you can follow the below-given steps, and your task will be conveniently done.

1) First and foremost, select the FOXPRO model of the game call for which you are purchasing sounds. Then click “Set My Model.”
2) After that, click on the “Sound Selector” tab underneath the main image.
3) Next, Go through the library and pick your favorite sounds from the given list.
4) Once done, click “Add to Cart.”

The selected sounds will be added to your predator call.

How to Call Coyotes with FOXPRO

Before calling for a coyote using the FOXPRO coyote call, it is necessary to set up the whole hunting scenario. It includes finding a suitable place to hunt, establishing the predator call, playing sounds, and finally controlling the remote by being at a safe location away from the reach of the wild animal.

Most of the coyote calls have a secured remote control that is operable up to some distance from the positioning of the predator call. Taking advantage of that, you can call for coyotes. Sometimes, you also suggest that you produce sounds from your mouth to have an instant result. Factors such as temperature, time of the day, or wind flow also determine whether or not a coyote will be attracted to the predator call.

How to Use a FOXPRO Coyote Call

FOXPRO Game Calls are designed and built so that it does not require any beforehand knowledge for a person to use them. It is convenient and super-easy to use the coyote call. In case a hunter faces any issue in operating the coyote call seamlessly, he can be assisted by the user manual that you get to have with the e-caller.

Instructions regarding using a FOXPRO call and how to assemble it are mentioned clearly in the user’s manual. Hence, you can painlessly set up the coyote call with ease and comfort. The game calls manufactured by FOXPRO are also equipped with a highly-functional remote that operates smoothly. 

FOXPRO Game Calls Amazon

Do you wonder where to find the FOXPRO predator calls quickly and reasonably priced? Well, you can always check out some of them on Amazon. Amazon has the availability of almost all the FOXPRO Coyote Calls. Many times, Amazon provides offers and discounts to the user as well. Hence, you are saved from having to go to the market and search for a predator call.

Not only this, but you can also get the used coyote calls at an even lower price range either on Amazon or on other e-shopping websites. If you are a beginner, then using a second-hand coyote call before buying a new one is a wise decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which FOXPRO calls to use for coyotes?

Most of the calls given by FOXPRO are clear and smooth. They are proven to fascinate and captivate numerous wild animals. Yet, there are some of the best FOXPRO calls that you can use for coyotes. They include- C5 Young Pup Howl, Female Yodel Howl, Female Sore Howl, and Male Coyote Howl. 

Which FOXPRO call is the best?

After enough research, I have concluded that of all the FOXPRO coyote calls, the FOXPRO Shockwave is the most equipped with features, and it is user-friendly as well. It has high-quality sounds, and the predator call is robust and durable as well. The remote controller of the predator call is efficient and effective. 

How do I download FOXPRO sounds?

With FOXPRO Predator calls, you benefit from adding your favorite sounds in no time, quickly and instantly. It is done by following the given steps-
•First of all, you have to select the FOXPRO model of the game call for which you are purchasing sounds. After that, click “Set My Model.”
•Then, you have to click on the “Sound Selector” tab underneath the main image.
• Up Next, Go through the library and pick your favorite sounds from the given list.
•Once done, click “Add to Cart.”

What is the loudest FOXPRO call?

The FOXPRO Shockwave Predator Call is believed to have the most smooth and seamless sound quality amongst all the FOXPRO coyote calls. The audio quality experience of the FOXPRO Shockwave predator call is the most satisfactory for the hunter. Hence, in my opinion, FOXPRO Shockwave is the loudest Predator Call.

How do I connect my FOXPRO to my computer?

To connect the FOXPRO game call or memory card to an available USB port on your PC, you have to open the “My Computer” or “Computer” icon. This will bring up the list of available drive letters for Windows, leading to an established connection after that. 

How do I program FOXPRO?

Programming on FOXPRO can be done manually or with the support of a programming utility guide, which is available to the customers by FOXPRO. Adding customized sounds on the FOXPRO game call is easy and simple. You need to establish a secure connection between your computer and your coyote call. After that, you have to choose the sounds accordingly, and finally, the FOXPRO game call will be programmed and updated with the new sounds.

How do you sync a FOXPRO remote?

To save yourself from the mess and trouble of syncing your FOXPRO game call on your own, you can try to contact customer support. Customer support is available for both Windows Clients and Mac Clients. Customer support will help you to sync your FOXPRO remote. It can only be done once the game call is programmed. 

Does FOXPRO have a warranty?

Yes, every FOXPRO model comes with a warranty. The time period of the warranty depends upon the model you are willing to buy. The warranty will apply from the date of purchase to the given period by FOXPRO.

Where is FOXPRO made?

The FOXPRO digital calls are made and manufactured in the USA. Most models of FOXPRO come with an excellent 3-year warranty and are user-friendly as well.

Best FOXPRO Coyote Call – Final Verdict

One varying factor amongst all the predator calls mentioned above was regarding the features that the e-callers exhibit. As seen, some of them are programmable while others are not. Some have a good LCD screen remote while others do not.

Similarly, some are budget-friendly and affordable, while others come at a reasonable cost. As a hunter, it solely depends on you and your usage of the predator call that results in the final decision of picking up the best FOXPRO Coyote Call for your next hunt.

Overall, the FOXPRO Coyote Calls are efficient and effective. They are long-lasting and robust. These predator calls are a one-time investment for the hunter. Hence, it is recommended that you go for any one of these coyote calls and have a good day at the hunt.

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