Best Lucky Duck Predator Calls To Buy In 2022

Predator calls are necessary equipment that a hunter is supposed to take along as he goes hunting. These devices serve dual purposes of attracting the prey to the hunter and adding efficiency to the hunter’s hunting experience. In terms of electronic game calls, Lucky Duck is a good and promising company. 

The Lucky Duck game calls are power-packed with highly functional remote control and HD cameras that offer clarity of vision to the hunter. Also, the remote controls are operable even from a considerate distance. Some e-callers even have an additional coyote decoy that fascinates more animals toward the coyote call. Hence, further is a summary and review of the best Lucky Duck Predator Calls. Each model has certain similarities and differences. Being a permanent hunter, you can effortlessly distinguish between the following game calls, and then you can finally choose to have one of them if you like. 

List of Best Lucky Duck Predator Calls

Undoubtedly, Lucky Duck e-caller manufacturers some of the most effective, efficient, and long-lasting predator calls that not only save the efforts of the hunter but his money as well. Let’s go through the list of the best lucky duck game calls.

Lucky Duck Rebel

Lucky Duck Rebel

lucky duck rebel e caller, lucky duck rebel predator call


  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use remote
  • Good sound quality

Lucky Duck Rebel is smaller than other Lucky Duck Predator Calls. It weighs nearly 2 pounds, and it is effortless to carry it from one place to another. The Lucky Duck Rebel supports a motorized decoy that makes the hunting experience even more fun and exciting. Basically, this predator call is most suitable for amateurs who do not want to go for professional hunting. It can be easily transported from one location to another in no time. 

The e-caller is designed to be robust and efficient for the hunter. This Lucky Duck coyote call has influential speakers that are durable, and they can even survive harsh weather. You can hang them easily on tree branches as well. The coyote call is effortless to pack and ready to use. The audio quality provided by the game call is the most impressive feature of the coyote’s call.

The predator call comes with 12 already included call types. The sounds of puppies, raccoon fighting and distress calls, etc., are available on the predator call. Not only this, the electronic predator call has a good and powerful remote that works fine up to 100 yards. You can be positioned anywhere within the perimeter and adequately use the coyote calls. 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Smooth sound
  • 12 already included sounds
  • Highly functional remote


  • A limited number of calls
  • Not for professionals

Lucky Duck Riot

Lucky Duck Riot

lucky duck riot coyote call, lucky duck game call


  • Built-in decoy
  • Lightweight
  • Sound upgrade limit up to 2000

Lucky Duck Riot is another lightweight e-caller manufactured by Lucky Duck. This predator call weighs nearly 2.15 pounds, making it convenient and super-easy for the hunter to take to different places. It is also smaller and therefore fits perfectly in a normal-sized backpack. Rick Palliet has recorded 50 sounds for this predator call which can be expanded to a limit of 2000. 

Also, even without being in the line of sight, you can operate the remote at a distance of more than 300 feet away. The remote control of the predator call has a good LCD screen on which several important information can be viewed instantly by the hunter. For easy recalls, the coyote call has four different buttons. The Lucky Duck Riot operates on strong 10 AA batteries, whereas the remote control of the predator calls works on 3 AA batteries. Unfortunately, the batteries are not included in the kit. Also, you get to have a 1-year warranty with this e-caller. 


  • Easily portable and lightweight
  • 1-year warranty
  • Effortlessly programmable
  • 50 pre-included sounds with an upgradeable limit of 2000
  • Built-in Decoy


  • No tripod included

Lucky Duck Revolt

Lucky Duck Revolt

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  • Multiple call types
  • Durable
  • Easily programmable
  • 360 degree sound rotation

The Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller is an excellent coyote call for a hunter. It has multiple exclusive features that add value for money to the user. Firstly, the predator call provides a 360-degree rotational sound experience to the hunter. Not only is the coyote call equipped with a horn speaker, but it also has additional tweeters that give a loud volume to the hunter. 

Also, the Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller has 100 already included sounds that are upgradable to 2000. Because the coyote call is programmable, it becomes worth the use. Other than this, the predator call has an LD3X remote that has a wide 3.2 inches screen. Weather regarding data can be seen clearly on the screen. The remote control of the predator call is functioning even at night, and so it becomes a valuable feature for the hunter. 

Also, the Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller has a remote that is operable within the area of 100 yards. The ten different brightness settings level of the predator call adds versatility to the device. Additionally, the predator call has a decoy that appears more or less like a human. The decoy attracts most of the prey towards the coyote call. Overall, the predator call works on well-working 10 AA batteries that are efficient and satisfactory.


  • 360 degrees sound rotation
  • Ergonomic and durable
  • Presence of a decoy
  • Easily Programmable
  • Multiple Call Types
  • Clear Volume


  • No backlight support.
  • Heavy and difficult to carry

Lucky Duck Revolution

Lucky Duck Revolution

lucky duck revolution predator call


  • Special High Definition Camera
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Preloaded with different sounds

Next on the list of best Lucky Duck predator calls is the Lucky Duck Revolution. This predator call is pre-equipped with 100 different sounds. The sound range can be increased to 2000 depending upon the hunter. Being a modernly built predator call, the Lucky Duck Revolution is programmable, and it provides a 360-degree loud sound experience to the hunter. 

The predator call has a series of impressive sounds to fascinate a wild creature. Lucky Duck Revolution has lively sounds, and the audio quality experience of the predator call is unmatchable. Adding onto this, to attract animals easily, the predator call has a decoy. The decoy moves around and captivates animals effortlessly. 

The Lucky Duck Revolution e-caller has a special HD camera that records and clarifies the moving sequence of the animal. The e-caller has a highly functional remote that can be accessed conveniently within the perimeter of 100 yards. You can hide in a safe and still control the game call easily.

The Lucky Duck Revolution predator call is durable and sturdy. It is robust and efficient even in the longer run. Furthermore, the predator call comes with a tripod that prevents the device from falling off and gives excellent strength to the e-caller. Being a hunter, you can adjust different brightness levels according to your convenience with the predator call. 


  • Robust
  • Special HD camera
  • Efficient remote control
  • Various sounds and programmable


  • Requires multiple batteries.
  • Costly

Lucky Duck Roughneck

Lucky Duck Roughneck

lucky duck roughneck review, lucky duck roughneck e caller, roughneck e caller


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Good sound quality
  • Easily programmable

Lucky Duck Roughneck is lightweight and seamless to carry Predator Call. It has multiple super-fascinating features. This e-caller comes with the support of a highly functional remote that works well within 100 yards. To view the information regarding the hunt clearly, the remote control has a 3.2 inches LCD. Lucky Duck Roughneck is a programmable game call. 

It comes with 150 already included super-enhancing sounds, which can be increased to 2000. With 2000 sounds, you can be sure of catching your prey with ease. The audio quality provided by the coyote call to the hunter is smooth and precise. Moreover, the predator call supports ten various brightness levels, each to be used in different parts of the day. 

The Lucky Duck Electronic Call also has a glowing backlit button that greatly assists hunting in the dark. Not only this, the coyote call is built ergonomically and operates on 10 AA batteries. The remote, however, works on 3 AA batteries. The sounds heard on the coyote calls are created by Rick Paillet, no wonder why they are so appealing! 

Overall, the Lucky Duck Roughneck predator call has animated features, and it is modernly designed. As a hunter, you can rely on the predator call and get a fantastic hunting experience.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Programmable
  • Vibrant sounds
  • Ten different levels of brightness
  • Crisp sound quality
  • Backlit button


  • Expensive
  • Minimum moisture protection

Lucky Duck Calls Vs Foxpro

Although both Lucky Duck and Foxpro are smooth and seamless in their functioning as predator calls, some distinctions lie between the two. These differences can be significant for an excellent hunter before going for a predator call.

For instance, the Lucky Duck Predator Calls offers a crisp and clear sound quality experience to the hunter. The Lucky Duck E-callers are best known for the audio quality that they provide to the user. With smooth and clear audio, attracting wild creatures to the coyote call becomes easy. On the other hand, the Foxpro Coyote Call does not provide a satisfactory sound quality, and the sound might even distort at times.

Contrary to this, it is found that the Lucky Duck Calls are not very durable. They might get dysfunctional or give a poor performance within a short period. Foxpro e-callers are long-lasting and better-efficient than the Lucky Duck electronic calls. A broken antenna or inadequate remote control system can also be seen in the Lucky Duck Predator Calls. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes Lucky Duck Predator Calls?

Different Lucky Duck E-callers have different sound capacities. Some Predator Calls are programmable, wherein you can add sounds of your choice, while other game calls are not. Technically, most of the Lucky Duck Predator Calls are created in the fascinating voice of Rick Paillet. The sound is fantastic and attracts several wild creatures to the coyote call. 

How do you call coyotes with Lucky Duck?

Before calling coyotes with Lucky Duck, you need to set the call type on the e-caller. Having done that, make sure to be at a quiet place and a nominal distance away from the device. Talk slowly in whispers and place the device according to the wind direction and sun’s elevation. Finally, operate the Lucky Duck predator call with the assistance of the remote. It will help in calling coyotes.

How do I add sounds to Lucky Duck?

As a user, it is only possible for you to add sounds to the programmable coyote calls manufactured by Lucky Duck. If your game call does not have this feature, you can not add sounds to the Lucky Duck e-caller. Further, to add sounds to the predator call, you must follow the given steps.

1- First and foremost, you have to press the SD sound card in.
2- As a result, this will eject the sound card. After that, you have to carefully remove the SD sound card from the back of the caller.
3- Having done that, Add or Remove the folders and sounds on the SD sound card by accessing your computer. Then, View and manage the files accordingly.
4- Further, reinstall the SD sound card into the caller.
5- Then, turn on the caller and remote and let them sync with each other.
6- Once it gets connected, the remote screen will display “Updating” and “Communication OK.”
7- Lastly, the main home screen for the caller screen will then display the added sounds.

How do you use the Lucky Duck Call?

Using the Lucky Duck Call is simple and easy. You can learn to operate the coyote call with the assistance of the user manual. The game call can be effortlessly assembled, and then it can be controlled instantly with its remote control. There are buttons present on the remote control by using which you can play or pause sounds. Also, you can control the volume by the volume buttons present on the remote.

Lucky Duck Predator Calls – Final Verdict

As a hunter, it is good to carry on your hunting journey with a coyote call. A coyote call will be your guide and help all through your hunt. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose to have an e-caller that would best suit the purpose of catching the prey.

All the Lucky Duck Predator Calls are super-efficient and highly functional. They come with ease of use and value for money. The game calls are reliable and durable. With remote control, using the predator call from a distance becomes possible.

Other features such as sound and additional decoys that you are offered with some of the coyote calls make them even worth the use. The programmable e-callers are even more fun because you add your favorite sounds to the game call.

Hence, the predator mentioned above calls is excellent and efficient. It is good to have one while you go on a hunt to minimize your efforts and have a tremendously successful hunting experience.

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