FOXPRO Deadbone Review 2023 – Best For Beginners

There are a lot of FOXPRO predator calls available in the market but how’s the FOXPRO Deadbone? In this in-depth FOXPRO Deadbone review, we will talk all about this coyote call. For ages, hunting has been a significant leisure activity, but with the times being, a shift has been seen in the hunting methods. While earlier hunting was done majorly for amusement and pleasure, nowadays hunters have turned practical, and they try to prey on wild creatures to gain profit. 

In such a case, the hunters must take help from an electronic tool, that is, the predator call. It is for this reason that a coyote call attracts wild animals instantly towards itself, and therefore, a hunter has to put in the minimal effort. 

If you have just stepped into the hunting world and want easy-to-use and straightforward game calls, you have the right predator call for you at the least price! Well, it is the FOXPRO Deadbone Predator Call. 

Most importantly, the FOXPRO Deadbone e-caller is a completely budget-friendly choice. It comes just under the price range of $100, thereby making itself an affordable and budget-friendly coyote call

But does the FOXPRO Deadbone Predator Call do justice to the hunters, or does even your $100 go in vain after purchasing the e-caller? If that’s what you have been thinking, then here’s the solution! Below is the article; I have reviewed the FOXPRO Deadbone Coyotecall, and I have described whether the game call is a satisfactory one or not!

FOXPRO Deadbone Review

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  • Beginners Friendly
  • Low cost
  • Good sound quality
  • Lightweight

FOXPRO Deadbone Review

If you are a budget-conscious person and you go for devices that are low in price even though they are less equipped with features, then you can have a thought about buying the FOXPRO Deadbone Electronic Predator Call. 

Although the e-caller does not have various high-class features, it promises to satisfy the user by having all the significant elements that you can expect from a coyote call. 

Firstly, the predator call operates on 4 AA batteries and the remote works on a 9 V battery. The device in itself is robust and reluctant towards water and snow, but the remote is not compatible enough for the hunter in the longer run. 

Also, the audio quality after being produced from the horn speaker of the gadget is truly commendable. The device is known for the sound experience for the hunter. 

Being lightweight, it is seamless to displace the predator call from one location to another. Also, the remote of the coyote call is operable within the perimeter of 200 yards, meaning that a hunter can safely position himself and then get to track the animals with complete ease and perfection. The device does not destroy quickly until and unless any significant mishap occurs. It is an excellent predator to call at such a low price, even though it lacks some features.

FOXPRO Deadbone Electronic Predator Call

The FOXPRO Deadbone Electronic Predator Call is a seamlessly designed and lightweight predator call that saves a handsome amount of your money by being available for users just for $100. In an average price range, you get to have features such as 15 already installed sounds and protection against rain and snow. 

The coyote call operates on 4AA batteries that are fine in their performance. Not only this, you get to have access to remote control, wherein you can manage the coyote call within the area of 200 yards. 

Although the remote is not highly modified because it lacks the much-needed LCD screen wherein the hunter could view the necessary information regarding his hunt. The Predator Call is a robust one. It does not destroy quickly. On the other hand, the remote control of the gadget is not very trustworthy. 

As a hunter, it is likely possible that you can face issues with the working of the remote. The prime reason the FOXPRO Deadbone e-caller is brought into much use is the nominal price that a hunter has to pay for it. There are certain unique features that you can acknowledge with the FOXPRO Deadbone Predator Call. The best features of the coyote call are mentioned below.

FOXPRO Deadbone Game Call Features


The most enhancing feature of the FOXPRO Deadbone Predator Call is that it is an affordable game call that is probably within reach of almost everyone. If you have never had an experience of using a coyote call and you want to try one, then you can have the FOXPRO Deadbone Predator Call.


The Deadbone coyote call saves you your energy. It is an ultra-lightweight device that can be effortlessly taken to different places by the hunter. During sudden emergencies, too, you can instantly manage to displace the coyote call.


This Predator Call has an impressive feature of it being robust and water-resistant. Even when you use the gadget in rain or snow or underwater, it is likely to give you the best results under all the circumstances. This is the most user-friendly feature of the device.

Easy to Carry

Most importantly, the predator call is easy to carry. The device is exceptionally lightweight. As a result, you can conveniently take it to any remote area. Even during urgency, it is painless for a hunter to shift the device’s position.

Sound Quality

Although, in comparison to other highly efficient predator calls, the sound produced by the FOXPRO Deadbone e-caller is low, still, the coyote calls give a crystal clear and compelling sound quality experience to the hunter. Hardly is there any distortion faced in the audio quality of the coyote call.


In my opinion, versatility is an essential factor in a gadget. As a hunter, you will meet your expectations on the coyote call in this aspect. This is because the FOXPRO Deadbone e-caller offers you a range of 15 different pre-programmed sounds of animals. You can choose between any of these to attract wild creatures


Well, I can not say of the remote, but the coyote call in itself is well-functional and indestructible. It does not perish quickly until and unless some significant damage is being done to the tool. At a nominal price, it provides good durability to the hunter.


Like other coyote calls, the FOXPRO Deadbone also comes with a remote. Though the gadget is not too costly, the slight lags in many of the features, yet it is seamlessly operable within an area of 200 yards. Hence, you can rely on the remote while placing the gadget at a certain distance from yourself.

FOXPRO Deadbone Review – Pros and Cons


  • FOXPRO Deadbone is the most suitable predator call for a beginner. It costs just $100, so it can be quickly brought by anyone who wishes to go on a hunt after having all the necessary means and resources.
  • The predator call can play two sounds at once. The availability of horn speakers makes the gadget a robust one. Also, the e-caller provides a satisfactory performance to the hunter in terms of sound.
  • FOXPRO coyote call is a lightweight device. Being light means that you do not have to put any extra effort to move the coyote call from one place to another. 
  • No matter whether it is snow or rain, the predator call provides a smooth functionality always. It is because the e-caller is water-resistant. 
  • The FOXPRO Deadbone Predator Call operates on 4 AA batteries and does not destruct easily. It offers value for money to the users up to a commendable extent.


  • It is often seen that after a certain period, the remote of the FOXPRO Deadbone Predator Call becomes dysfunctional. It then causes problems for the hunter in managing the hunt efficiently. 
  • The Sound Library of the e-caller is not too extensive. Apart from the pre-installed calls, you can not add additional ones to the game call.
  • The FOXPRO Deadbone Predator Call is not a programmable device. It restricts the ability to use the gadget as per the conveniences and requirements of the hunter.

FOXPRO Deadbone Sounds

In terms of the price of the FOXPRO Deadbone Predator Call, the number of sounds and the audio quality provided by the gadget to the hunter is exceptionally impressive. Even during harsh weather conditions, no distortion of sound is experienced by the hunter. 

Also, the general sound produced by the predator call is clear and smooth. Although the sound is not too loud, it is enough to fascinate the animals towards the coyote call. The presence of a horn speaker with the gadget enhances the beauty and the sound quality of the predator call. 

As a hunter, you experience 15 different pre-included sounds with the coyote call. The device is not programmable. This restricts you from adding any more sound of your choice to the predator call. The 15 sounds present in the gadget are more or less enough for a hunter to captivate the prey’s attention effortlessly. 

Following are the types of sounds that you can experience with the FOXPRO Deadbone Predator Call.

•Fawn Distress
•Coyote Pair
•Coyote Locator
•Coyote Pup Distress
•Female Coyote Howls
•Female Coyote Challenge
•Platinum Grey Fox Pup
•Baby Cottontail
•Snowshoe Hare
•Moose Cow Estrus
•Nutty Nuthatch
•Crow Fight
•Vole Squeaks
•Moose Bull Grunt

FOXPRO Deadbone Remote Range

Being a Predator Call, the FOXPRO Deadbone e-caller supports a handy remote that allows you to operate and manage the gadget even from a distance of 200 yards. The remote works on a 9 V battery. The remote feature makes it highly convenient to use the predator call. 

Although, like many upgraded electronic predator calls manufactured by FOXPRO, the Deadbone lacks several features of the remote. For instance, it does not have a clear LCD screen that provides good visibility to the hunter.

As seen, the remote of the FOXPRO Deadbone Predator Call is not very reliable and durable for the users. In normal circumstances, it is found that a remote hardly works finely for a year or so. After that, it might become dysfunctional. One good thing about the remote of the coyote call is that it is not easily affected by water or snow. This strengthens the tool, and the hunter can painlessly use it in harsh weather conditions. 

foxpro deadbone remote range
FOXPRO Deadbone Remote

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How loud is the FOXPRO Deadbone?

The FOXPRO Deadbone e-caller is not too loud to be heard at more considerable distances. But it is loud and clear enough to captivate and attract the wild animals towards itself even from a considerate distance. Also, the sound quality experienced by the hunter with the coyote call is smooth and efficient. 

How do you use FOXPRO Deadbone?

The fact that the FOXPRO Deadbone Predator Call is not equipped with too many features makes it absolutely perfect, and the device’s user manual is painless to be used by the hunter. It is effortless to set up the device and then control it remotely. If the hunter faces any other problem operating the tool, he can be assisted by the device’s user manual.

How do I add sounds to FOXPRO Deadbone?

Unfortunately, the FOXPRO Deadbone is not a programmable device which means that you can not add sounds of your choice to the gadget. You already get 15 preset sounds with the device, and you are compelled to operate the device on the limited sound options only.

FOXPRO Deadbone Review – Final Verdict

By now, it might become clear to you that although the Foxpro Deadbone Predator Call does not have as many features as other Foxpro coyote calls, it gets counterbalanced by the fact that it is available to the users for $100. At such a low price, you get to experience all the basic features of a predator call.

The sound quality offered by the game call is satisfactory for the users due to the presence of an efficient horn speaker with the e-caller. Also, you can conveniently and painlessly use the coyote call because it does not include any complex mechanism. The device is simple to install and effortless to operate.

Also, you get to choose between 15 pre-installed call types, thereby allowing you to attract more and better prey. Not only this, the e-caller is lightweight, which makes it completely easy to carry the device from one place to another.

FOXPRO Deadbone Electronic Predator Call

The Foxpro Deadbone Predator Call is a compatible tool for amateurs. At a low price, you can get a good product. According to your personal requirements for a predator call, you can consider having the Foxpro Deadbone e-caller.

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