FOXPRO Inferno Review 2023 – A Good Predator Call To Buy

Predator calls are probably hands down the best equipment ever made for hunting calls. Whether you are a professional coyote hunter or someone looking to ward off stray coyotes from your land, or even if you just prefer simple coyote sightseeing, getting your hands on a good predator game call can be a total game-changer for your business. The FOXPRO Inferno Call is one such utterly famous electronic predator game calls available in the market. But if you are looking for one, is it actually worth it? You will find out after reading our FOXPRO Inferno review.

To know if this is the perfect FOXPRO game call for you, let us dive into a much more detailed review of the item discussing everything from claims and performance. We have got you totally covered, be it the good, bad, or everything else.

FOXPRO Game Call Review

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  • The design is very compact
  • Good quality speakers
  • Budget-friendly

FOXPRO Inferno Review

Product description:

From categorizing your sounds to handling the controls from feet away, FOXPRO, with its newest technologies and cutting-edge engineering, has made things smoother than ever before. The new and improved FOXPRO Inferno coyote call is bolder and better than all existing budget models available. With a lovely call library to die for, or the ease of browsing and switching many times every minute, this time, FOXPRO made sure to seal the deal with its utter expertise that not just works but promises to stay with you for years to come!

FOXPRO Game Call Salient features:

Sound output

The FOXPRO Inferno volume levels are probably the best of the kind available under this price segment. This tiny little game call equipment has a tremendously loud sound output that becomes super useful while hunting for considerable distances. 

FOXPRO Inferno sounds are of good quality. It is crisp and fresh, seamlessly resembling the natural predator calls of the jungle. Not saying that it can meet with FOXPRO Shockwave’s dual speaker finesse; it still has a very bright tone and texture set that seals the deal under half the price of the former. 

Remote control

The remote control here promises a seamless hands-free operation. With the advent of electronic game calls, things took a significant turn in the predator calling equipment industry. The FOXPRO Inferno features a handy remote device with a small LCD screen and functional buttons to make your hunting expeditions more stress-free and interactive. 

It also offers a dynamic remote control range of around 150 yards which becomes super helpful while hunting during stormy conditions or night hunting.

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Made with toughened fiber polymer exterior and an added protective extra coating with a matte solid creme color finish, this barely weighing 1 kg is an absolute stunner when it comes to its looks. Talking about its exteriors, it comes with extra durable internal speakers, perfectly tuned with their woofers for amplified noises that imitate natural textures and tones effortlessly. 

With internal equalizers, additional sound modifications are also easy. This compact baby comes with a firm grip handle on the top, which makes transporting the device as smooth as a breeze.

Battery capacity

The battery backup here is excellent. Choosing FOXPRO inferno batteries won’t be a big fuss for battery support of 15A and 10A for both the remote and the unit. The device even lets you long for strenuous hunting trips that take up a lot of your time. Gone are the days when you needed to replace your batteries again and again. 

Another great thing FOXPRO did this time was ditching away the primitive plug-and-play charging/operation mode. Now FOXPRO inferno batteries can be recharged separately via portable chargers that can be used when you have long expeditions. 

The FOXBANG technology

The main highlight of this recent series is that FOXPRO’S FOXBANG technology gives this affordable baby a cutting edge over other affordable models in this segment. You were probably wrong if you thought being budget-friendly is the only perk here for Inferno. The FOXBANG technology with its toggle preset adds that extra touch to your basic model, which has improved the user experience to a great extent. 

All you have to do is sit back and chill; all your designed habits and themes can be activated accordingly to switch to your designated patterns to and fro within seconds. Maybe you switch certain every second, or you do them every minute, whatever it may be, presets from 1 to 5 can be used very judiciously to get rid of the extra manual load from your shoulders. 

FOXPRO Inferno User reviews:

Well, it is clearly not wrong to say that FOXPRO is the literal undisputable king in the predator hunting industry. With a successful run under this segment spanning over two decades, many brands have come and gone. With their ultra loudspeakers, and a pleasing exterior, topped off with extreme longevity, FOXPRO has made Inferno a legit bestseller. 

I have been using this unit for almost a year right now, and trust me when I say this has been one of my best investments so far. Price-wise, it falls in the mid-range, offering a lot of features against the nominal price. Honestly, the one thing about this item that has stayed with me is the durability of the build. 

You would know you are holding a good quality product when you pass it around while making the best at your hunting hopes. The sound quality has not budged a bit since the day I got it; it still rumbles robustly every single time.

This may or may not be a big issue for most of you all, but the color of the entire unit is something I wished FOXPRO could have done better. A simple pale design stands nowhere with a perfectly blendable camouflaging pattern you can easily find in Shockwave and other FOXPRO flagship models. Fortunately, they left it a bit paler and not white like a few inferior brands do, which really makes your device shine from a long distance. 

Another thing that plays a very important role in the utility of your device is the battery backup. All those catchy features and ultra-performance goes down the drain if the battery support of your game call is messed up. The batteries required for the unit and the remote control are commonly found, easily replaceable, and work a long way too. 

There has never been an incident in my history of coyote hunting with the FOXPRO Inferno game call when I had to change the batteries during my hunting expedition, which can usually last more than 5 hours for me too. Probably the best thing that you can get at this price to prevent any extra hassle during your focus periods. 

And finally, the remote control here deserves extra attention. Even if you do not care about the endless possibilities you have via this super practical remote, the accurate hands-free operation will make your job way more manageable. You can easily place your call at a close distance to the coyote hotspots with an additional bait and go back. 

The remote will make your operation simpler, quicker, and less complicated. The dynamic range here is quite good for the price, and to this date, I have only seen a bit of loss in the range connectivity. The FOXPRO Inferno beeping may not suffice for super windy days, and an added speaker system can solve the purpose effortlessly. 

FOXPRO Inferno – Pros and Cons

Why We Love It

  • Sturdy and compact design.
  • High remote control range.
  • Long life of speakers.
  • Super budget-friendly.

Why we Don’t

  • Limited auxiliary and connecting ports.
  • The outer finish doesn’t blend well with the surrounding grasslands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you use FOXPRO Inferno?

Using FOXPRO Inferno is pretty convenient. The usage is simplified into different steps. You would first need to start up with a recharged Inferno unit to get things going. Replace your old batteries with new ones to make sure things work out smoothly while hunting. Next, you need to just place the Inferno unit with any additional bait or FOXPRO inferno decoy accessory to enhance your chances of success. 

And then, finally, all you need to do is take control of the remote, and everything is set. Using the power on and off button, you can quickly turn the unit on and off from a distance. Other pause & play and extra forward & backward buttons make browsing through the sound library relatively more uncomplicated.

What is the best FOXPRO caller?

Being one of the most popular brands in the predator call category, FOXPRO has hands down the best range of game calls available. From coyote hunting to regular rabbit catching, there’s pretty much nothing you cannot accomplish with FOXPRO models. There is something for everyone under this brand, yet FOXPRO Inferno is usually hailed as the bestseller of them all. 

Be it its features or sheer affordability, when clubbed with its excellent durability, makes Inferno the best choice that more or fewer suits everyone alike. Quick, small, and super user-friendly, the long list of customer reviews seem to agree with the same! user-friendly

What is the range on a FOXPRO inferno?

The FOXPRO Inferno has a range of 150 yards while using the remote. This comparatively is way better than many simple game calls under this price segment. The range works effectively in almost all weather conditions, irrespective of the direction. The infrared connectivity makes things much more straightforward. A reduced range limit of activity can be attributed to weak batteries, whether it is the remote or the central unit.

How do you put sound on a FOXPRO inferno?

The most integral subject regarding game calls is that FOXPRO inferno has a comprehensive library of sounds to enjoy. From female mating calls to prey screeches and noises, you can simply switch from one sound to another in a jiffy. Just press start to start playing your sound, and you can easily access your entire library with the remote control and its effective screen display. 

Adding sounds to your playlist may help you more to go through your go-to songs without spending endless hours checking out sounds. Adding new sounds is also pretty convenient here; all you need to do is attach external support and transfer new downloaded sounds!

How do I use FOXPRO electronic calls?

FOXPRO Inferno is a very simple device to use. Being completely electronic, unlike manual calls, a simple on-and-off operation on this electric call makes hunting much more straightforward. An easy-to-control, hands-free operation via a long-range remote makes playing calls quick. 

Setting playbacks has also become way faster this time. There is no need to add more wires and extra hassle to your life. Just simply place your unit at the site of action and sit back with your control in your hands! 

Final Words On FOXPRO Inferno

So should you actually go for it or not?

Wrapping up our FOXPRO Inferno review, we have covered pretty much everything here. Talking about the use, well, it all depends on your usage. If you are looking for a high-quality yet affordable game call, this is an excellent bet for you. Sleek, light, and super functional, this is going to serve you a significant lifetime usage. This FOXPRO predator call is so good that we also mentioned it in our best coyote calls list.

One commendable thing about FOXPRO is its excellent after-sales service. You are set for many years with an outstanding product warranty and maintenance support.

FOXPRO Inferno Review 2022

If you are a usual hunting fanatic or a newbie in this field, or maybe someone who uses it seldom across the year, FOXPRO Inferno call serves everyone’s purpose quite seamlessly. 

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