ICOtec GEN2 GC320 Review – Budget Friendly Predator Call

Reading a review of any product before buying is a good habit because that lets us know what we are getting. And in our ICOtec GEN2 GC320 review we will tell you all you need to know about the ICOtec GC320 predator call. Being a farmer, it becomes vital to protect your crops and fields from uninvited wild creatures which otherwise might cause damage and destruction around the area. If not so, a hunter might also demand a device that would make it suitably easy to catch his prey effortlessly. For such protection or purposes, the technology has brought up several electronic game call devices that are pre-equipped with sounds of various predators sensing their instincts. 

Operating such devices not only keeps the wild animals away but also, you will be greatly helped in catching your prey as you go out hunting on a Sunday morning. If you consider having an electronic predator call, you can go for ICOtec GEN2 GC320, a tool that would be of incomparable assistance to you. With powerful features and extreme ease of use, the ICOtec GEN2 GC320 has become the first choice of most users. 

But, if you are worried about whether the device will be worth your use and money or not, then this is the place for you! Herein, you will be provided with a descriptive review of ICOtec GEN2 GC320 so that deciding to have or not to have the electronic predator call becomes trouble for you.

ICOtec GEN2 GC320 Review

ICOtec GEN2 GC320 review, gc320 predator call


  • Clear voices
  • Strong and sturdy
  • User-friendly
  • High-range remote control

ICOtec GEN2 GC320 Review

GC320 Predator Call and Decoy combo is a dual-purpose device that would be of great help while catching prey, also ensuring to keep the coyotes and other wild animals away. This is done due to the ability of the gadget to imitate the voices of different and various creatures depending on their senses and intuitions.

Undoubtedly the ICOtec GEN2 GC320 predator call/decoy combo is one of the best in its ease of use and assortment of features. The quality and versatility of the gadget are unmatchable. GC320 has as many as 24 different call types. All the call types ranging from a fox to a crow, are present in the device. The voices are tried to be made as similar as they could be to those of real animals.

Not only this, you get to acknowledge a PD400 Decoy that does the purpose of moving around by being the kind of animal you wish it to roam around as. Also, the decoy is entirely functional in the dark due to the availability of an LED light with the gadget. The Decoy is designed to appear as accurate as possible so that it can captivate more animals towards itself.

Within 300 yards, you can conveniently control all the remote settings. As a result, you remain secure and protected from the reach of an animal. It is easier to hide from the creatures this way. The remote control settings can be operated in real-time, which means that the voices of creatures can be controlled without any trouble, even from a considerable distance

GC320 Predator Call/Decoy Combo

GC320 Predator Call and Decoy Combo is a tremendously unique gadget that is lightweight and effortless. It provides a crystal clear sound quality over calls to you. You can select between 24 call types, from a crow to a fox. Also, you can place simultaneous calls with the gadget. The GC320 Predator call and decoy combo are functional at a distance of 300 yards in the prey’s surroundings. This feature lets you be safe and secure while using the device. To assist you in dark areas, the gadget supports an LED light. Other than this, there are some additional features of the widget, which are discussed below.

ICOtec GEN2 GC320 – Features

Apart from reviewing the device, there are numerable features on which the gadget completely fulfills a user’s expectations. Some of the most prominent features of ICOtec GEN2 GC320 are mentioned below-

Call Types

With ICOtec GEN2 GC320, you can experience as many as twenty-four different call types. Voices of animals varying from a crow to a coyote can be switched on the gadget. Moreover, the device can manage simultaneous calls with complete convenience. The call types and the calling feature help the user attract an animal or scare it away from the area. 


ICOtec GEN2 GC320 has a super enhancing feature of a PD400 decoy. The decoy is attached to the main body, and it makes the device an even more attractive one! The decoy moves around seamlessly, and it has a real-looking appearance to it. This is done to captivate the animals more effectively. The Decoy can be activated even when placed in a remote area. Simultaneously, it can become inactivated as per your commands too. 

LED Light

ICOtec GC320 is completely operable even on dark nights. It is because of the unique feature of an LED light pre-installed in the device. The LED light is super glowing and illuminating. While you are in a secluded area, the LED light becomes excellent assistance to the user.

Clear Voices

All the 24 call types and voices offered by the gadget are crystal clear in their sound quality. The audio experience of the user is genuinely commendable with the device. Though it is possible to switch simultaneous calls with the device, you do not get to acknowledge any lag or distortion in the audio or voice quality. 

Remote Control

The remote control feature of the ICOtec GEN2 GC320 is the most convenient and user-friendly feature of the gadget. With this feature, a user can access the device even at a distance of 300 yards. Consequently, you are saved from the risk of being attacked by any creature. Also, the remote controller gives an outstanding performance to the gadget. You can change voices or attract your prey with it, too, by being completely safe and secure. The remote control system works in real-time, meaning that you can painlessly decide how to captivate and attract your prey in a better way.


With ICOtec GEN2 GC320, you get to have a durable warranty of one year. The warranty offered is a factory warranty. Within that period, if anything happens to your device, you can be sure of getting the issue fixed in no time. It signifies that the device will let you incur a cost only once and not every time. The warranty also includes all kinds of animal-related damages done to the gadget.

ICOtec GEN2 GC320 – Pros and Cons


  • ICOtec GC320 is a complete package of features and tools that you can expect from an electronic predator call.
  • The sound quality provided by the device to the user is crystal clear. 
  • The decoy that you get to have with the gadget looks more or less real. 
  • Remote control within the area of 300 yards makes the device extremely user-friendly. 
  • The device is strong and sturdy.


  • It does not have the ability to import external sounds.
  • The batteries on which the gadget works are not found easily.
  • The remote offered by the device is not very reliable.

ICOtec GC320 Remote

One prominent feature of ICOtec GC320 is the “ICOtec GC320 Remote Feature“. The remote feature allows you to function smoothly with the gadget. To experience the remote feature, you would obviously need a remote. ICOtec GC320 remote is a high-performing and modified tool that assists you during all the times but most importantly when you are positioned at a certain distance from your prey or the wild creature. Within the range of 300 yards, the remote is efficiently operable. 

ICOtec GC320 remote
ICOtec GC320 Remote

You can be at a distance from your prey and still get to control the voice and call options painlessly. Also, the remote offers you a real-time facility to fascinate your prey quickly. Everything regarding your prey and the area around can be managed better with the remote control that you get with the gadget. With the help of the remote, you can stay hidden from the wild creature. 

Moreover, you do not have to be worried about placing the remote control in an open space. Even when kept in a confined area, it will still work smoothly. The remote and other tools such as binoculars and decoys can be your best guide to locating your prey effortlessly.

ICOtec Game Calls Amazon

Over the years, Amazon has established itself as one of the biggest online shopping stores that reduce your trouble of having to roam around in the local markets. Amazon has several ICOtec game calls other than ICOtec GEN2 GC320 that are trending and give a power-packed performance and fantastic features to the users. Some of the ICOtec game cells provided by Amazon are-

•ICOtec Gen2 GC300– GC300 has many features resembling the GC320. It has a simultaneous calling feature, various voices saved, and a remote controller. All the voices are set beforehand, and they are not programmable.

ICOtec Gen2 GC500– GC500 is an advanced version of the standard electronic predator call device. For instance, it has over 200 calling voices available, whereas GC320 has only 24. You also get to save up to eight calls on two favorite screens. These features are not included in GC320.

•ICOtec Gen2 GC350– ICOtec GEN2 GC350 is a programmable electronic predator call with 24 call capacity. A standard SD card manages all the calls. It also has a unique audio call library accessible via the website. 

ICOtec GC320 vs Foxpro

Comparatively, GC320 is a more user-friendly choice than Foxpro. Foxpro is equipped with a wholesome of batteries that make it difficult for the user to carry it along. Also, the remote control system of Foxpro does not work well. On the other hand, ICOtec is a lightweight, easy-to-use, and easy-to-carry gadget that provides seamless sound quality and extreme perfection to the users. The remote control system of the device is highly effective and well-functioning for the user. All in all, ICOtec GC320 is a better and appreciable gadget in comparison to Foxpro.

ICOtec GC320 vs FOXPRO
ICOtec GC320 vs FOXPRO

ICOtec GC320 Call List

You should get 24 already programmed calls with the ICOtec GEN2 GC320 call list. The voices are present on the device. You can not change them as per your requirements. All you can do is choose from the range of 24 calls and attract your prey. The calls’ voice can be that of a crow, a coyote, a fox, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are ICOtec calls waterproof?

Unfortunately, the ICOtec calls are not waterproof. They are likely to become dysfunctional if they are subjected to water. They are in contact with water resulting in the distortion of the speakers. As a result, you will not be able to experience a clear sound quality, and ultimately, the complete gadget will be of no use to you. If you have to use the device in the rains, it is advised to do so after putting the gadget in a secure zip lock bag wherein it might not get wet at all.

How do I use ICOtec GC320?

Depending upon the animals you have to attract, you have to set up the call. After having set the call, you have to choose the desired direction and additionally set the decoy to work. Once enough is done, go to a safe place and make the gadget work with the help of remote control from there.

Are ICOtec calls any good?

The audio and audio quality provided by ICOtec to the users is highly efficient. The simultaneous calling feature makes the gadget robust. Even while placing two calls at a time, no distortion in the sounds is experienced by the user. Also, the decoy can be activated or inactivated in no time, even in remote areas. The effectiveness of the gadget becomes highly suitable with this. Sometimes, at higher volumes, the respective voice of the device might break or become unclear. 

Where are ICOtec calls made?

All the ICOtec calls are made in the USA Archives. With ICOtec, you get a preinstalled range of 24 calling options, and that is the maximum number of calls that can be added to the gadget. Whatever calls you place are recorded and made in the archives in the USA.

ICOtec GEN2 GC320 Review – Final Verdict

Before shaping a decision to have an electronic predator call, it is better to know whether the gadget is worth the value or not. Therefore, it is necessary to have an in-depth study of the device. Hopefully, you would have got that in the article.

Consequently, you can decide and choose between various electronic predator call devices that are mentioned above. Apart from ICOtec GEN2 GC320, there are other similar products available on Amazon which promise a commendable performance to the users.

ICOtec GEN2 GC320 Predator Call

In my opinion, ICOtec GEN2 GC320 is a powerful and value-for-money gadget. With modified and super-enhanced features, working with the devices becomes exceptionally painless. It is a suitable choice for you in terms of predator-calling gadgets.

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