ICOtec Outlaw Review 2023- Worth Your Money

You might be thinking about whether to buy the ICOtec outlaw game call or not? Is it worth it or not? You might have so many questions in your head. But don’t worry you will find all the answers in our ICOtec Outlaw review 2022. Whether you are protecting your lands or a seasoned hunter you know that an electronic game call machine can be instrumental for both of those purposes. But after owning almost 3 game-call machines in the past two years one thing I had understood for sure is that most machines do not work as they are marketed by their manufacturers to be. And most times are not what I expect them to be. 

When I first purchased the ICOtec Outlaw Game call/Decoy combo. I had already heard a lot of parishes going around in the market about the device and decided that it would be no harm to give it a try. And what was initially a fickle thought was actually a great decision. This was a machine that worked exactly like it was advertised to be. From the quality, the variety, the functionality, the volume of calls, and the number of calls, to a user-friendly remote everything was exactly as I thought it would be. ICOtec Outlaw is one of the good coyote calls.

What’s better is that it is relatively affordable when you compare it to the other products in the market with similar functionality. So for anyone who is thinking of purchasing this game call/decoy device here is a detailed review of my experience while using the device and all the features the device comes with. Hopefully, this Icitec Outlaw review will make you form an idea about what the device is all about.

ICOtec Outlaw Game Call

ICOtec Outlaw Review, ICOtec game call


  • 250 Pre-Installed Sounds
  • Wide Range
  • Powerful Speakers

ICOtec Outlaw Review

ICOtec outlaw is a higher-end ICOtec e-caller from the trusted brand ICOtec which is well-regarded in the market for its electronic coyote callers. If you are not new to the world of coyote callers and game callers then it’s a possibility that you have heard some of your friends gush over the ICOtec Outlaw’s features. 

An ergonomically designed remote control that works as the brain of the device. The remote control makes controlling the device so much easier that even a novice can learn how to control the device within a few days. The remote control lets you control the device across a range of over 300 yards. And then there are also the batteries though the multiple batteries that need to be used in the device may come across as an inconvenience at first the prolonged battery life more than compensates for that. Keeping the device alive for over 24 hours when working continuously. 

The structure and design of the device though could be a bit more compact and heavier compared to its other counterparts available in the market. But it’s incredible how well the plastic casing encapsulates the powerful 10-watt speaker. The pre-installed decoy only adds to its already feature set, so now you no longer need to buy and install a decoy separately and a feather is attached to the top for better camouflage. The speaker only enhances the 250 preinstalled audio files in the device and the other 200 you can add according to your convenience.

You have stayed with us for so long. Hang on with us a little longer if you want to know in detail how the different features of the device affect your working with the ICOtec Outlaw Game call/decoy machine.

ICOtec Outlaw Review – Features

With a feature set that is considered some of the best in the market, the device takes all the strengths of its previous ICOtec models and enhances them tenfold. Let’s in detail look at some of the features of our ICOtec outlaw game call/decoy device and consider what makes it some of the best in the market.

Decoy preinstalled in the model

Most of the previous models from ICOtec did not have a decoy machine added as a standard. But ICOtec outlaw has a decoy added right off the bat as a result there is no need to buy and install a decoy separately. The immensely powerful AD400 Decoy can have its rotational speed adjusted using the separate speed dial and comes with 2 separate lures. The decoy also has a preinstalled programmable LED, which can be pre-programmed to switch on at night and helps greatly especially when night hunting. It’s not always necessary to use your decoy machine to keep the LED on, you only keep the LED on when you need it for some other purpose.

Wide range of calls 

One of the most impressive features of the ICOtec outlaw is the ICOtec sounds, with over 250 sounds preinstalled in the device and another 200 that you can load into the device, it has a sound that can be used in almost any and every environment across the globe and ones you need and are not present in its audio connection you can just load it into the device.

Out of 250 of the ICOtec outlaw sounds preinstalled 50 are Tony Tebbe sounds. And it’s a piece of common knowledge for hunters both seasoned and newbie hunters that Tony Tebbe is one of the most renowned game callers, who has given almost his entire life to recording some of the most realistic and versatile calls. The device even supports audio files in various formats such as WAV and MP3 so you no longer need to painstakingly convert every audio file into a designated format to load it into the game call device. For stubborn prey, there is also a coax button that plays an additional sound paired with the regular call sound. 

Powerful speaker

This wide range of calls can only be effectively used due to the powerful Speakers of ICOtec outlaw. With speakers which have a capacity of 10 watts, the sound can be thrown over a distance of 300 yards. The insides of the device are even lined with a sound-enhancing foam which as the name suggests enhances the sound further by not letting it get absorbed by the materials around it. The speaker is also capable of playing two simultaneous sounds at once.

Remote control

An ergonomic design that makes holding the ICOtec outlaw remote for longer hours very easy. The remote control of the ICOtec outlaw is one of the most important features when out in the field allowing the user to operate the caller over a distance of over 300 yards. This gives you increased mobility when out in the field as you no longer have to choose your hunting ground on the basis of the positioning of the game caller.

The remote is extremely easy to use with an arrangement of keys that are easy to memorize, a big crisp display, and a backlit keyboard that allows you to easily read the screen of your device even while night hunting. The antenna with the metal swivel base allows for easier positioning of the antenna which in turn allows you to use the device to its full range of 300 yards.

icotec outlaw remote
ICOtec Outlaw Review

User Convenience 

A device that is very convenient to use. From its ergonomically designed remote to its customization feature everything just further proves that fact. The ergonomically designed remote makes it easier to use it for hours. You also have the option to set up a maximum of 20 sounds as instant recall, so the next time you want to search for your favorite sounds you no longer need to painstakingly go through every single one of the audio files folder.

There is also an instant delay feature to set up instant sound delays. You also have the option to mount your ICOtec outlaw on a tripod, but you need to purchase the tripod from outside as it doesn’t come with the game caller. With a strong community and active customer service, the device comes with a warranty of 5 years to cover any damage that occurs when on the field. 


The ICOtec outlaw processor works on a total of 18 AA batteries in total 12 AA batteries for the caller and 4 AA batteries for the decoy and the remote control each. Just like its predecessors this model from ICOtec too has a superior battery life and compensates for the need for an excessive number of batteries for each of the parts of the device.

ICOtec Outlaw Review – Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use remote control.
  • Support files of different formats.
  • 400+ audio files can be stored
  • A range of over 300 yards.
  • A long battery life.


  • Noise levels from the decoy are high.
  • Design is not compact and put together.

Alternatives: ICOtec Outlaw vs FOXPRO

If you can work around the few drawbacks the ICOtec outlaw has then ICOtec outlaw is the best option for you but there are other alternatives too. Foxpro is a brand that is a very tough competitor in the market for ICOtec. ICOtec vs FOXPRO is a dilemma almost any person trying to buy a game call device will find themselves having. When comparing FOXPRO vs ICOtec, ICOtec beats FOXPRO when it comes to having better sound quality and a larger capacity of storing sounds.

FOXPRO Fusion electronic predator caller is a device that can match up to the functionality and ergonomics of the ICOtec outlaw. With a durable and compact build, Foxpro fusion picks up the slack where the Icitec outlaw lacks but then again falls short of ICOtec’s massive audio collection and the preinstalled decoy. You can also read our FOXPRO Inferno review to get more in-depth knowledge of the FOXPRO Inferno predator call.

ICOtec Outlaw vs FOXPRO, ICOtec vs FOXPRO, FOXPRO vs ICOtec
ICOtec Outlaw vs FOXPRO

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How good are ICOtec Outlaw Calls?

ICOtec outlaw has 240 preloaded calls 50 of which come from the collection of the legendary game caller Tony Trebbe himself features a call that can be used for almost any situation and environment. And for any audio that you need and is not pre-installed in the device you can just add it to the collection as the device allows you to add 200 other audio files to its collection. It can play two sounds at once and the coax feature allows you to program what sound you want to use. The powerful 10-watt speakers only enhance the sounds.

Are ICOtec calls waterproof?

The ICOtec Outlaw calls are not waterproof, when soaked in water the speaker distorts, and thus no sound can be heard. It may even damage your device permanently. You can enclose the device in a ziplock bag and then use it in the rain. But owing to the bulky build of the device there is no way to use it underwater without somehow damaging the device.

Are ICOtec calls any good?

With 240 preloaded calls 50 of which come from the collection of the legendary game caller Tony Trebbe himself. There is a call that can be used for almost any situation and environment. And for any audio that you need and that is not pre-installed in the device you can just add it to the collection as the device allows you to add up to 200 additional audio files to its collection. The device allows you to play two calls at once and the coax feature allows you to program what sound you want to use. The powerful 10-watt speakers only enhance the sounds. And the inner lining foam does not let the sound get eaten up by the materials surrounding it. 

ICOtec Outlaw Review – Final verdict

For the entire course of time that I have been using it from the speaker which blasts the sound across large distances and the variety of calls that are pre-recorded and can be installed ICOtec outlaw has left me nothing but impressed. Incredibly efficient on the field, its functionality exceeded what I had expected it to be. The remote only adds to the already impressive feature set. Consistent and well made it is a device that can be used by both new and seasoned hunters.

The price though on the slightly higher side of the spectrum is worth it when you consider its very diverse and distinct feature set. You may also find ICOtec game calls at some discount when there is an ICOtec outlaw sale going on Amazon, eBay, the official website of ICOtec, and many other e-commerce websites. 

I hope all your doubts are gone after reading my ICOtec Outlaw review and I hope you can make a decision on whether to go for this one or not.

ICOtec Outlaw Game Call

This programmable game call/decoy combo is worthy of your money. If you are really looking to buy a game call for coyote, give this one a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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