Lucky Duck Revolt Review 2023 – Good For Money

Hunting is fun, and hunting after having all the necessary and helpful equipment is even more exciting! To have a tremendously successful hunting experience, it is suggested to have an electronic predator call. An electronic predator call will increase the assistance, but it will also double your amusement as you plan out a day for hunting. 

But with several similar products on the market, it becomes challenging to decide on the most suitable coyote call. While I was searching for an electronic predator call, I found the Lucky Duck Revolt E-caller Predator Call as a considerable choice that could be worth the try. I was unsure whether I would get the value for money or not. But, I decided to try the product, and I’m happy that I did! 

Lucky Duck Revolt Predator Call is a seamlessly operable device that offers the user many distinct features that set the gadget apart from the competitors. Having used the e-caller, I thought of describing it to you! Hence, you will acknowledge the powerful features of the Lucky Duck Revolt caller and other benefits of having the gadget as your all-time support. 

Lucky Duck Revolt Review

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  • Programming is easy
  • Can add up to 2000 calls
  • Good quality speaker
  • Different levels of brightness

Lucky Duck Revolt Review

The Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller predator call is an easy-to-use and super-efficient electronic predator call that adds much more value to your everyday and boring hunting experience. It is equipped with several supportive features, and the predator call is solid and sturdy. 

The Coyote Call has 100 call types already included, but the fun does not end here! As a user, you can extend the call types to 2000, which means you can add versatility to the gadget in no time. Because the device is programmable, it is incredibly effortless to add sounds to the gadget. 

Not only does the electronic predator call have a horn speaker, but it also comes with additional tweeters that give a considerable piercing volume as their output. 

Moreover, the remote control bass system of the Lucky Duck Revolt Caller is efficient enough to provide the hunter with a 360-degree rotational sound quality experience. 

Although many other e-caller devices have a remote control, the exclusive feature of operating the remote control even during the night makes the Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller worth the use. 

The device supports an LD3X remote that is highly functional and has a giant 3.2 inches LCD screen wherein you can view anything related to your hunt conveniently. The remote is of significant assistance, especially at night. 

Also, you can keep yourself wholly safe and access the remote within a range of 100 yards. With ten different brightness settings, you can switch from a night mode to a dawn mode instantly. 

The never-ending list of features of the Lucky Duck Revolt Predator Call also benefits you by providing a furry decoy to attract the animals even more. Overall, the device works on durable 13 AA batteries with a longer run-time than others.

Lucky Duck Revolt Electronic Predator Call

Lucky Duck Revolt Predator Call is a good and durable electronic game call that provides high output and seamless performance to the user. It works on 13 AA batteries that have to be purchased separately. 

One good feature of the Lucky Duck Revolt Predator Call is the highly functional remote control system that works fine within the perimeter of 100 yards. 

The 3.2 inches LCD screen sits the cherry on the cake! The remote holds most of the features of the gadget. For instance, it offers you ten various modes of brightness depending upon the day, night, dusk, or dawn. 

Apart from the 100 preset call types, you get to have 1900 more, which means 2000 different call types can be saved on the gadget. The crystal clear sound quality and piercing volume are additional features of the device. The sound produced is heard in all directions because of the 360 degrees of sound rotation provided by the bass of the gadget. To assist you, even more, you get to have a furry decoy that moves around and attracts animals. 

lucky duck e caller, lucky duck revolt e-caller predator call
Lucky Duck E Caller

Lucky Duck Revolt Features


Lucky Duck Revolt E-caller is an ergonomically designed gadget that provides powerful performance and prolonged durability to the hunter. It is strong and sturdy, and can also survive harsh weather conditions. It does not get dysfunctional until and unless any major issue strikes.

360 Degree Sound Rotation

The excellent bass of the Lucky Duck Revolt Predator Call offers a super unique 360-degree sound rotation, due to which the sound revolves around every corner. It becomes the primary way to attract more creatures to the gadget. Also, the sound control can be easily managed with the help of a remote.


A furry decoy is what you get as a beneficiary addition to the electronic predator call. The decoy serves the primary purpose of captivating wild creatures from the areas around simply by moving in different directions. The decoy is designed in such a manner that it appears pretty realistic.

A Large number of calls

This electronic game call is equipped with 100 different voices of coyotes, wild cats, crows, and foxes. As a user, if you are willing to increase the number of calls, you can add calls up to the limit of 2000. This feature makes the coyote call an extremely versatile gadget to be brought into use.

Easily Programmable

Because the device can add customizable voices and calls to it, it becomes undoubtedly clear that the predator call is effortlessly programmable. By following simple and easy steps, you can put the voices of your choice into the gadget.

Efficient Volume

With multiple speakers, including tweeters, the coyote call ensures no compromise to the audio quality and volume level that the hunter experiences. Instead, the e-caller offers a high-pitched piercing volume once it is operated.


The messiah for the hunter and the main part of the electronic predator call is its remote. With the assistance of a remote, you can super-easily manage and track your prey even while being away from it. The remote is operable within the range of 100 yards. Also, the remote comes with a visible 3.2 inches LCD screen that lets you view anything painlessly.

Different Levels of Brightness

The remote control of the e-caller is genuinely versatile. Herein, you can switch to different brightness levels according to day, night, dusk, or dawn. In total, there are ten modes of changing the brightness. You can effectively do that as per your requirements.

Lucky Duck Revolt Review – Pros and Cons


  • The Lucky Duck Revolt Predator Call comes with an already built decoy.
  • You get to have an excellent sound quality experience with the gadget.
  • It has a 360-degree sound rotational stand that revolves around the sound in every corner.
  • Additional tweeters.
  • Robust sound quality.
  • Ten different brightness modes.


  • Bigger in size and bulky.
  • The buttons do not have a backlight.

Lucky Duck Revolt Sounds and Sound List

With the Lucky Duck Revolt Predator Call, you get to acknowledge 100 pre-loaded call types that have efficient sound quality. If you are not satisfied with these 100 sounds, you can conveniently add sounds of your choice up to a range of 2000. As a result, the gadget becomes versatile. 

Apart from this, the device’s speakers are highly functional and tremendously powerful. A clear sound is something that you get as an output from the speakers. Also, you get additional tweeters with the e-caller. The 360-degree rotational bass stand offers an excellent output to the user. 

The piercing volume is one of the unique features of the gadget. Different sounds, such as a coyote, a crow, a fox, etc., can be played on the device.

Adding Sounds to Lucky Duck Revolt

In order to add sounds to your Lucky Duck Revolt Predator Call, you can follow the below-given steps.

  • First of all, press the SD sound card in. This will eject the sound card. Then, carefully remove the SD sound card from the back of the caller.
  • Up next, Add or Remove the folders and sounds on the SD sound card by accessing your computer. View and manage the files accordingly.
  • Once done, reinstall the SD sound card into the caller.
  • Then, turn on the caller and remote and let them sync with each other.
  • Once connected, the remote screen will display “Updating” and “Communication OK.”
  • After that, the main home screen for the caller screen will then display the added sounds.

Lucky Duck Revolt Sale and Manual

The Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller is a readily available gadget. You can conveniently find it at online shopping sites, primarily Amazon. If not so, you are likely to have the predator call being placed at one of the stores nearby. Using the gadget is even easier because it has an easy-to-understand manual, accessing which you can effortlessly use the device whenever you want to.

Lucky Duck Revolt vs FOXPRO

Both Lucky Duck Revolt and FOXPRO are ergonomically built devices that are of great help to users. But when it comes to comparing the two, I would say that Lucky Duck Revolt is better than FOXPRO as an electronic predator call. Firstly, the Lucky Duck Revolt has more and better-enhanced features, some of which are missing in the FOXPRO coyote call. On the other hand, the Lucky Duck Revolt E-caller operates on less number of wires in comparison to the Foxpro. Dealing with too many wires can be highly troublesome for users at times.

Lucky Duck Revolt Remote Problems

Lucky Duck Revolt works seamlessly with the guidance of its remote control. But sometimes, the remote could cause problems for the hunter. For instance, the remote keys are placed too close to each other. As a result, if you are a person with big hands, this is a significant issue for you. Also, sometimes the remote might even become dysfunctional.

lucky duck remote problems
Lucky Duck Remote Problems

Lucky Duck Revolt Remote Night Mode

The most enhancing feature of the Lucky Duck Revolt Predator Call is the ten different and super innovative modes that are easily controlled via the remote. The remote is pre-included in the kit, and it offers different brightness modes according to the period at which the user uses the gadget. One such mode is the night mode which provides maximum illumination during the dark. The night mode assists you to carry on with your hunting no matter if it is day or night. Also, with the night mode, you do not have to be troubled about ending your hunt before the sunsets. Clarity of vision will be provided to you with the night mode.

Lucky Duck Revolt Tripod

In order to provide the much-needed strength and stability to your predator call, you can place it effectively on a tripod. The Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller can be put on a tripod. The tripod is sturdy and robust, and as expected, it undoubtedly prevents the game call from tipping over or falling on the ground. Hence, the tripod acts more or less like a safeguard for your device.

Lucky Duck Revolt vs Roughneck

Although the Lucky Duck Revolt and the Lucky Duck Roughneck are quite the same products, there is a significant difference between the two in terms of sound quality. The audacity of the sound provided by Lucky Duck Revolt Predator Call to the hunter is much more than what the user gets to experience with the Roughneck. 

The Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller has a remarkable 360-degree rotational sound stand that offers audio clarity in all directions. Also, the batteries with which Revolt is equipped are more reliable, strong, and durable than Lucky Duck Roughneck.

Lucky Duck Revolt Battery Pack

Unfortunately, the device, when purchased, does not come with a battery pack. The battery pack has to be purchased other than the gadget. Basically, Lucky Duck Revolt Predator Call operates on 13 AA powerful batteries. The batteries provide durability and efficient run time to the device. 

For instance, you can effortlessly use the device for a range of 3 to 8 hours before the batteries demand to be recharged. So as you can see Lucky Duck Revolt’s battery life is pretty good. It saves you from the trouble of repeatedly charging the batteries, and the device becomes efficient with such high-functioning batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How loud is the Lucky Duck Revolt?

The Lucky Duck Revolt has a piercing volume and a high-pitched sound that revolves multi-directional due to the presence of the 360-degree sound rotation stand.

How do you use the Lucky Duck Revolt?

Using the Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller is a troubleless task. With the help of the manual, you can effortlessly go through the instructions and the ways to use the call. Having done that, you can efficiently operate the Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller while you go hunting.

What calls come on the Lucky Duck Revolt?

The Lucky Duck Revolt Predator Call supports 100 pre-installed sounds. These include the sounds of a crow, a coyote, a predator, and even a fox. All the sounds are created and combined by The Verminator and Rick Pallet. As a user, you get to add 2000 sounds in all.

Lucky Duck Revolt Review – Final Verdict

Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller is a device that will provide you with the much-needed efforts and tactics for a hunter. Perfect output and a durable life are the significant twin benefits you get to acknowledge with the gadget. I hope my Lucky Duck Revolt review was helpful for you and you can now choose a good coyote call that’s suitable for you.

Lucky Duck Revolt E Caller

Overall, it is a superior product, and you can try to have it as a part of your hunting routine.

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