Lucky Duck Revolution Review 2022 – Value For Money

Lucky Duck Revolution Review. Being a good hunter, it is important to be aware of the hunting equipment that you would need to carry out the overall hunting process with perfection and efficiency. Whether you are an amateur or a professional in hunting, there are some basic things you must have by your side once you step out to hunt, and the most important of all is an electronic predator call.

Although there is a range of different predator calls, each with a unique set of features, you need to find the most suitable ones for you and that one e-caller that has a variety of versatile components. When it comes to features, Lucky Duck manufactures the most enhancing predator calls. The e-callers made by Lucky Duck have everything you need as a hunter to have a smooth hunt day.

Getting to acknowledge a range of unique features in a single e-caller result in an increased price at times, but it is usually the case that you experience the value for money in such coyote calls. Today, we are going to talk about one such impressive predator call that is equipped with multiple features, but then you have to pay a wholesome price for the same.

Well, not making you wait for more, let me tell you that the predator call I am talking about is the Lucky Duck Revolution. As the name suggests, it is a revolutionary predator call in the world of normal ones. It has a versatility of features, but we need to consider whether these features are worth the money or not!

Lucky Duck Revolution Review

lucky duck revolution predator call


  • Powerful speakers
  • Good Decoy
  • Budget Friendly

Lucky Duck Revolution Review

The Lucky Duck Revolution is a lightweight and easy-to-carry predator call. It has several versatile features, but it lags because the coyote call is not waterproof. During times of rain, it might become dysfunctional. Keeping that aside, the Lucky Duck Revolution predator call is the perfect match for a professional hunter.

It is already loaded with 100 sounds that can be played on four different amplifications; that is, some sounds play well at high amplifications while others become seamless at low amplification. It can be adjusted according to the needs of the hunter. Also, the e-caller has a well-working remote control system that is operable within the range of 100 yards.

The game call has different brightness modes for other parts of the day. Everything is displayed on the LCD screen of the remote. Beyond that, there might be a problem in its functioning. Also, the sound undergoes a 360-degree rotation before it becomes audible to the hunter, so apparently, the audio experience of the coyote call is commendable.

Moreover, the motorized decoy is no less than a cherry on the cake! It improvises the overall performance of the game call. It has a built-in camera that reports the presence of any prey on the remote control as soon as the target approaches the decoy or vice versa. All in all, the coyote call gives a smooth and seamless performance. 

Lucky Duck Revolution Features

All the handsome features you can think of to be in a predator call are available in the Lucky Duck Revolution. Be it sound quality, remote control, or the overall performance of the e-caller; the Lucky Duck Revolution leads ahead in everything. Furthermore, let us discuss some of the versatile features of the predator call.

Crisp and Clear Sound

The first feature that most hunters look for in a coyote call is the sound quality that the predator call provides. In this aspect, I might tell you that the Lucky Duck Revolution is a fantastic coyote call. It offers a 360-degree rotational audio experience to the hunter. This makes the sound crisp, clear, and smooth.

Also, the coyote call has four alternating amplifications that add more beauty to the final sound. The coyote calls hardly make the hunter experience sound distortion, and so it becomes a prime choice of the hunters. Within the diameter of 300 feet, you are likely to get a clear and smooth sound from the predator call.

Smooth Remote Control

Other than the fantastic sound experience, you as a hunter are going to get a remote control system wherein you can control the predator call after positioning yourself at a safe and secure place. The remote works within the perimeter of 100 yards, which is relatively more minor of a distance in terms of the price of the coyote call, but that is efficiently balanced by other enhancing features of the game call.

The remote also has different brightness modes depending upon the time at which you are using the coyote call. In total, three brightness modes adjust the lights according to the needs and preferences of the hunter. Moreover, the remote has an LCD screen display that shows essential data and information related to hunting to the hunter seamlessly.

Motorized Decoy

The most sorted feature of the Lucky Duck Revolution game call is the furry and motorized decoy which is an additional supplement to glorify your hunting experience and make your journey worth it. The decoy is ergonomically designed and it is entirely robust. The major purpose of providing a decoy with a coyote call is to captivate the animals quickly and easily.

The motorized decoy of the Lucky Duck Revolution e-caller is fitted with a camera, which means that no matter wherever the decoy goes, everything can be viewed in no time on the remote control, the only necessity being the fact that the decoy should be within 100 yards. Whenever a prey comes close to the decoy, it becomes visible on the clear LCD screen of the remote and hence catching the prey becomes super easy for the hunter.

Easily Programmable

The Lucky Duck Revolution is pre-loaded with 100 sounds that are impressive in attracting wild creatures with ease and perfection. But other than that, the predator call is programmable; that is, you can add more sounds to the coyote call up to a limit of 2000. This makes the predator call worth the use. These sounds are stored in different files, and the audio is available in MP3 and.LD extensions. Hence, the Lucky Duck coyote call is programmable so that you can fascinate a large number of animals.

Lucky Duck Revolution Review – Pros and Cons


  • With powerful speakers, the predator call gives a fantastic sound quality experience to the hunter.
  • The remote control is simple and easy to work with.
  • Different brightness levels allow the hunter to use the coyote call even at night.
  • The decoy attracts the creatures and makes the hunter aware of them instantly.
  • Sounds of four different amplifications can be heard on the game call.


  • The predator call is not waterproof.
  • The remote is functional only up to a range of 100 yards.

Lucky Duck Revolution Vs Revolt

Although there are a few distinctions that can be laid out between the Lucky Duck Revolt and the Lucky Duck Revolution, let us discuss that too! While the Lucky Duck Revolt does not come with a camera, the Lucky Duck Revolution has a clear camera in the decoy that helps the hunter significantly by letting him acknowledge the prey instantly and effortlessly.

Moving further, both Lucky Duck Revolt and Lucky Duck Revolution have a loud volume, and the sound becomes audible after 360 degrees rotation. The sound quality can operate on four different amplifications. For instance, some sounds work well on low amplification, while others are good on high amplifications. In this aspect, both the coyote calls are satisfactory. All in all, both predator calls are seamless and smooth in their performance.

Lucky Duck Revolution Call Sequence 

The Lucky Duck Revolution e-caller has 100 sounds enough to attract wild creatures towards the decoy quickly and effortlessly. These calls include of coyotes, geese, crows, wild dogs, etc. Some of these sounds work well in low amplitudes, while others become piercing in high amplitudes. Within the diameter of 300 feet, these sounds are smoothly audible. The remote of the coyote call is not waterproof and that is why the remote might become dysfunctional in the presence of water.

Lucky Duck Revolution Review

Lucky Duck Revolution Remote

Along with the Lucky Duck Revolution E-caller, you have a highly functional remote that operates within the perimeter of 100 yards. The remote is small and thus easy to carry. The remote is likely to surpass harsh weather conditions but not rain! The remote of Lucky Duck Revolution allows the hunter to control everything easily.

Not only this, the remote control offers the hunter three different modes of brightness. These modes can be adjusted according to the needs and requirements of the hunter. The remote is also equipped with a bright and clear LCD screen display that provides most of the critical information to the hunter on his journey. Also, it gets visible on the remote whenever an animal approaches the decoy.

Lucky Duck Revolution Remote
Lucky Duck Revolution Remote

Lucky Duck Revolution Sounds 

With four different amplifications, there is no doubt that the audio experience of the Lucky Duck Revolution predator call is smooth and seamless. The sound is crisp and clear. As a hunter, you hear clear sounds within a diameter of 300 feet. The sound reaches your ears after a 360-degree rotation, making the overall experience even more impressive.

The Lucky Duck Revolution e-caller is pre-equipped with 100 living sounds of different animals. The sounds are more than enough to attract wild animals to the predator call; however, if, as a hunter, you want to add more sounds to the e-caller, then you have the option to do that as well. This coyote call is programmable, and you can add as many as 2000 different sounds to the predator call.

Initially, there are 17 files in which 100 sounds are stored, and later, if additional sounds are loaded to the game, the number of files can extend up to 32. The audio files have an MP3 or LD format. The sounds are loud and clear, and they are seen to fascinate a variety of animals towards the coyote call. Being a hunter, you can have a great time with this game call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to change the backlighting on the lucky duck revolution remote?

The Lucky Duck Revolution remote has three different modes of brightness, each for another part of the day. In order to change the backlighting on the Lucky Duck Revolution remote, you need to press and hold the scan button of the brightness you need to adjust, and your work will be conveniently done.

How loud is the lucky duck revolution?

The audio experience with the Lucky Duck Revolution is loud and clear. The sound is crisp and smooth. There is hardly any distortion felt in the sound of the predator call. The sound rotates at 360 degrees before reaching your ears, which is why the experience becomes tremendously effective. There are 100 pre-included sounds which can be increased up to 2000.

What sounds are on the Lucky Duck revolution?

The Lucky Duck Revolution has a total of 100 sounds present in it initially. These sounds are stored in 17 files. However, as a hunter, you are free to add sounds up to 2000, held in 32 files. These sounds include those of crows, coyotes, dogs, and other animals to attract prey.

Lucky Duck Revolution Review – Final Verdict

The predator call is programmable, so you can always add more sounds of your choice super easily. Apart from that, the Lucky Duck Revolution coyote call is durable, but it is not waterproof.

The sound quality experience of the hunter with this game call is excellent. It is because the sound becomes audible to the hunter after undergoing a 360-degree rotation, and it is loud within the diameter of 300 feet. The remote control and decoy add more beauty to the predator call. All in all, it is an excellent choice to pick.

Lucky Duck Revolution E-Caller

With enough said, you might have got a clear picture of the Lucky Duck Revolution E-caller. It is packed with versatile features and gives a better performance than expected by the hunter.

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