Lucky Duck Roughneck Review 2023 – Good For Money

Catching the prey without being unsafe or putting your life at risk is possible by equipping yourself with an electronic predator call. The gadget serves to locate and attract the prey with the help of a decoy that appears to be honest to the creature. 

One such beneficial gadget is the Lucky Duck Roughneck. It is troublesome to carry a device that can be set up even in remote areas and then used to access several wild animals painlessly. But the question arises, does the gadget add any value to your daily life, or is it a sheer waste of money and effort? If such is what is going on in your head, you will get an answer herewith. Let’s have a look at that!

Lucky Duck Roughneck Review

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  • Lightweight
  • Large sound list
  • Powerful batteries

Lucky Duck Roughneck Review

Lucky Duck Roughneck is an easily portable and effortlessly operable tool with higher efficiency and fantastic performance. The gadget is compact, and you do not have to compromise on the quality of the sound and its clarity because of the additional silicone layer covering the gadget. 

A clear pitched and completely audible audio is what’s heard by the user with the device. Lucky Duck Roughneck functions finely with the support of remote control that has ten different levels of brightness each for the day, dusk, night, or dawn. 

The remote is workable in 100 yards and comes with an easily visible 3.2 inches LED screen. Lucky Duck Roughneck has a special backlit button that assists you in hunting conveniently at night. Apart from the 150 pre-included sounds, the gadget offers as many as 2000 calls. 

The sounds of the calls are created exclusively by Rick Paillet. This makes the device effective and better enhanced. The calls are placed with all-time support of 10 AA batteries which unfortunately are not included within the kit. Similarly, the remote operates on a 3 AA battery that has to be purchased separately. 

The gadget can also function with Lucky Duck’s rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are powerful, strong, and durable. Be it any sound of a wild creature; it can be played instantly on the gadget to captivate the prey’s even while staying a lot away from them.

Lucky Duck Roughneck E-Caller Predator Call

Hunting can be a hobby for some and an amusement for others. Whether you are an amateur in it or a professional, it is always advised to do it with enough knowledge and preset precautions. Having said that, there occurs a need for an electronic predator call. 

The Lucky Duck Roughneck is a powerful yet compact device that can be your go-to-go partner as you plan your hunt. It is lightweight and hence easy to carry from one place to another. Lucky Duck  Roughneck E-caller is a user-friendly choice. It can work seamlessly in 10 different modes depending upon the brightness and the user’s convenience. 

As a user, you can either choose from 150 preset sounds, or you can add sounds up to the limit of 2000 calls. As a result, the gadget becomes versatile. Typically, the device operates on 10 AA batteries, but it is also compatible to work with Lucky Duck’s Lithium-ion batteries. The remote functions on 3 AA batteries. Overall, the gadget provides you with both ease of use and value for money. 

Lucky Duck Roughneck Features

While talking about the Lucky Duck Roughneck review, we are going to talk about all of its features that will help you understand this coyote call better.

Remote Control

One of the most impressive and most important features that you get to experience with the Lucky Duck Roughneck e-caller is the ability to control and manage the device with remote assistance. The remote control is well-functional within the area of 100 yards which means that you can hide within the perimeter and still get to track your prey with utmost comfort and ease.

Multiple Call Types

Lucky Duck Roughneck programming is quite easy. Apart from that Roughneck e-caller is pre-equipped with 150 different call types. The call types include the wild voices of multiple creatures that can be played to attract coyotes or other animals nearby. Not only this, but apart from these 150 calls, you can add call types up to 2000. It is because the gadget is programmable as per the user’s requirements.

Powerful Batteries

The gadget operates on power-packed 10 AA batteries and the remote functions on 3 AA batteries. The batteries are highly functional and utterly durable for the users. They are operable even in the longer run. Lucky Duck Roughneck can also work on Lithium-ion batteries. 

Lightweight and Compact

The prime advantage of having the Lucky Duck Roughneck is a lightweight and compact device. Being lightweight, it can easily be carried away from one place to another by the user. Hence, the device can also be located conveniently in remote areas.

Easily Functional During Nights

Lucky Duck Roughneck e-caller is a versatile tool. It comes with ten different modes in which the gadget can be switched depending upon the levels of brightness and the time you are using the device—for instance, night, dusk, dawn, or daylight.

Lucky Duck Roughneck Review – Pros and Cons


  • Lucky Duck Roughneck is a portable gadget.
  • It has a backlit button to help the user work at night.
  • A whole of 2000 call types can be added to the gadget because it is programmable.
  • It can operate on ten different levels of brightness.


  • The batteries are not included in the toolkit. They are to be brought separately. This incurs costs for the user.
  • Hardly any moisture protection.

Lucky Duck Remote Battery

The Lucky Duck Roughneck battery pack includes 10 AA batteries to be put into the device for it to function. Other than that, the 3 AA batteries are to be loaded into the remote and then experience smooth working of the gadget. Neither of the two batteries is included in the kit as you purchase the product. They are to be brought separately. 

If not so, Lucky Duck Roughneck predator call is a device that can run smoothly with the 12 V Lithium-ion battery support, that is, the batteries of the device itself. Like the remote, the batteries of the gadget are durable and reliable for the users. You will not be facing any lag in your hunting schedule because of the batteries.

Lucky Duck Roughneck Remote Instructions

The Lucky Duck Roughneck remote has a 3.2 inches crystal clear LCD screen that offers excellent visibility to the hunter. Even more minor texts can be conveniently read with a big enough screen. The remote control has the following functions included-

• Volume button
• The sound that you have to play
• The Play or Pause button
• Re-call button

Amongst all these, the Play/Pause button is slightly raised so that it can quickly come into the reach of the hunter.

Lucky Duck Roughneck remote instructions, lucky duck roughneck, lucky duck roughneck remote battery
Lucky Duck Roughneck Remote Instructions

Lucky Duck Roughneck Decoy

The Lucky Duck Roughneck Decoy is of significant help to you during your hunting journey. The decoy attracts a considerable number of wild creatures quickly and in no time. The lucky duck roughneck decoy is made with perfection to appear more lively and natural. As a result, your prey is instantly captivated by the movable decoy and helps you make the perfect shot.

Lucky Duck Roughneck Sound Library

Lucky Duck Roughneck e-caller has a practical and super-efficient sound list. The gadget is already installed with 150 perfectly audible sounds. Not only this, but you can also add customized sounds to the gadget. With time, Lucky Duck updates their sound options, making them wilder than before.

Also, as a user, you are not restricted to only 150 call types. The Lucky Duck Roughneck sound list is pretty big. As many as 2000 different sounds can be added and stored painlessly in the memory card. All the sounds are of high quality and highly efficient. Sound quality is one of the best features of Lucky Duck Roughneck.

Lucky Duck Roughneck Cables

Most of the parts of the Lucky Duck Roughneck come pre-attached. Others can be painlessly installed with complete ease and in a proper way. It is not at all difficult to do so. Apart from this, there are no batteries included with the device as you place your order. The 10 AA batteries for the gadget and the 3 AA battery for the remote have to be purchased other than the device.

Lucky Duck Roughneck Tripod

To maintain a proper balance of your device once it is set up, it is required to have a tripod that conveniently places the gadget in any rough place. For Lucky Duck Roughneck, you can purchase a magnetic tripod that is strong and sturdy. It would keep the device intact at its home, and you do not have to be troubled about your device falling or getting damaged. It ensures a longer life for your Lucky Duck Roughneck.

Lucky Duck Roughneck Manual

The Lucky Duck Roughneck manual would assist you in knowing and understanding the product in a better way. Hence, you can process the gadget nicely. A complete user manual regarding how the device is installed can be found conveniently either on an online platform or with the gadget itself. Moreover, you can also get assisted by a manual to help you work with the remote control super quickly and painlessly.

Lucky Duck Roughneck Amazon

From daily-use products to the most complex gadgets, everything can be found on Amazon. Likewise, Lucky Duck Roughneck is also available to users on Amazon. Although the product is expensive one, you get to experience the worth of the gadget after having paid for it. As you can see on amazon too, the Lucky Duck Roughneck review is pretty amazing and users are satisfied with this product.

Besides that, Luck Duck Roughneck can also be found in your nearby stores. You can examine and learn more about the product due to its physical presence. It could be a good alternative for you if you have enough time to spare to visit the market.

Lucky Duck Roughneck vs Foxpro

Lucky Duck Roughneck is more enhanced and better laid out than Foxpro. The primary reason behind that is that Foxpro is a loaded and heavy gadget with all the wires and cables attached. It makes it difficult for the hunter to set up the device properly, and at times, it can be risky. 

On the other hand, Lucky Duck Roughneck is highly compact and lightweight. It is effortlessly portable, and you can carry it conveniently anywhere. Moreover, setting up the Lucky Duck Roughneck is also a troubleless task. Apart from that, Foxpro has released some new and modified sounds that set it apart from Lucky Duck Roughneck. You can also read our review of FOXPRO Inferno and know more about FOXPRO Inferno sounds. In terms of reliability, Foxpro is a better alternative than Lucky Duck Roughneck. You can

Lucky Duck Roughneck vs Revolt

There are a lot of new coyote calls in the market right now and sometimes it’s hard to choose the right one for you. The Lucky Duck Roughneck Revolt is more equipped with features than the Lucky Duck Roughneck. For instance, it has a loud volume, a durable remote control system, and a rotational base system that can revolve around 360 degrees with complete perfection. 

The performance that a user gets to experience with Revolt is comparatively better and more satisfactory than what is experienced by the user with Lucky Duck Roughneck. Also, it comes with an additional tweeter speaker. Therefore, you recommend that you go for Revolt rather than Lucky Duck Roughneck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Lucky Duck Roughneck waterproof?

The Lucky Duck Roughneck is not a waterproof gadget. As a user, it is your responsibility to use and manage the device with care. During rain, the speaker of the gadget might not function. It may result in poor sound quality or no sound at all. Therefore, it is suggested to use the device after securing it properly inside a zip lock bag.

What is the range of a Lucky Duck Roughneck?

With the Lucky Duck Roughneck, you get to experience a range of 100 yards from where you have set the device. It helps you access and track your prey easily and then shoot them.

Can Lucky Duck Roughneck play MP3 sounds?

Yes, it is possible to play MP3 sounds on the Lucky Duck Roughneck. Not only this, you are sure to have an excellent audio quality experience as you play any sound on the gadget. Hence, the device becomes efficient.

Lucky Duck Roughneck Review – Final Verdict

Lucky Duck Roughneck is a worthy product even when it is a bit expensive. You get to experience fantastic predator call features with the gadget. There are different brightness modes in which the device can be operated. This adds versatility to the gadget. With power-packed Lithium-ion batteries, the durability of the tool increases automatically. I hope my Lucky Duck Roughneck review was useful for you to make a good decision.

Lucky Duck Roughneck E-Caller

If you have to enhance your hunting experience, you can rely on the Lucky Duck Roughneck and have the best user experience conveniently.

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